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    Weapons: KWA BR16 Battle Rifle CA G36c DBOYS M4 CASV JG M4 KWA 1911DS Ordnance: *ICS M203 Grenade Launcher on Pistol Launcher Platform *Madbull XMPB-4 Grenades *15 Modified Nerf Vortex Footballs *Madbull GSG-1 Flashbang Grenade Gear: HSS Plate Carrier UTG Tactical Vest
  1. Fair question. For an M4/M16 model weapon.
  2. WTB any of your spare KWA M4/BR16 hicap mags. WTB any extra hicap mags like Dboys 400 and 500 round mags as well. Trey
  3. Bump. Price dropped. Read this for more information on it: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=32568
  4. WTS a Classic Army DYTAC multipurpose grip/flashlight mount. Attaches to all standard 1913 Picatinny rail systems. Perfect for 1'' flashlights and fits the Surefire G2 like a glove (G2 not for sale). Thumb activation button on grip activates light. Removable rubber side plates makes installing pressure switches a dream. Has multiple additional picatinny rails for adding bipods, lasers, etc so you can really deck this thing out. Solid polymer construction (this is NOT cheap bottom shelf material). Great physical and cosmetic condition. It is missing the bottom cap for the grip/extra batteries. $25 shipped
  5. WTT ONLY. I have a BattleAxe Magwell adapter that allows you to run M4 mags in your G36. I also am including 2 450 round hicaps. Both have functioned flawlessly and have been cleaned meticulously. Magwell and mags were painted OD green. I left the sport and now have no need to share mags with my team during OPs. I still use my G36 as a feline reallocation asset but only need 1 mag so I would like to convert it back to the G36 mags. I have the magwell, I just need a mag. I'd like to trade all three for 1 CA G36 mag. CA mags will receive precedence over others.
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