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  1. Hey guys, simplified repost of my sale with some price drops and addition of the ATP. I take good care of my airsoft gear and most of it is in new-good condition unless otherwise noted. Anything that has been duracoated was done so by myself and has held up extremely well. Rules/info; - I only ship within the USA. - I only accept Paypal. - I ship USPS generally, but sometimes UPS for large items (from CO). - I generally ship the next business day. - All sales are final, no returns. - I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. - Serious buyers only please. - I can take more pictures per request. Just ask! - Please, no purchases under $5 (unless otherwise specified). - Feel free to PM me or ask me questions, I’m willing to work with you on pricing! - Following trades accepted; ICS M4 (preferably a patriot/CQB), 90/4500 HPA Tanks, Madbull Noveske RIS, & tornado grenades. From top left to right etc: 1.Black hawk CQC Thigh base with Blackhawk LEFT HANDED Serpa for Glocks - Both items $45 shipped 2. Condor 2x frag grenade pouch - $10 3. KWA M11A1 Package - This is an NS1 KWA that works fine. No leaky mags. Package includes- LEFT handed holster, the M11, and 4 functioning magazines. $130 shipped. Please note this M11A1 is spraypainted, but has held up fine. 4. Classic Army Brand new crane stock - Never used, just has my username duracoated on it. $35 shipped. 5. Madbull Daniel Defense 12" Omega RIS Duracoated in Multicam - $80 shipped. Used only a couple times. 6. King Arms sniper grip duracoated in Multicam; Has no motor plate, but the screw holes are brass - $15 shipped. 7. Madbull Short XM203 Grenade launcher wrapped in Carbon fiber vinyl; Brand new, never used - $60 shipped. 8. Madbull grenade - 18 shot, 48 shot, and 2x 120 Shot - $25, $30, $35 respectively. Will discount if paired with a launcher. 9. SERPA RIGHT HANDED glock holster - $35 shipped. This will mount on the blackhawk thigh rig. 10. OD Recon Wrap - $10 11. Madbull Large XM203 Grenade Launcher - Duracoated in Multicam. $80 shipped. 12. KWA ATP Single shot w/3 magazines - Used a few times, and duracoated in multicam. Would like to see at least $150 shipped. KWA G23 - I'm testing the waters for my remaining KWA G23F Fully automatic pistol. Discontinued and relatively rare. Would include extended mag as well and standard and case. Upgrades as follow- -Sanded slide- -Reinforced steel mag release -Firefly rocket valve -150% hammer spring as well as upgraded recoil spring -Flutted outer barrel -High flow valve on the 50rnd magazine Would not let it go for anything under $200. Feel free to PM me with offers or questions. ~Stealthlead
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