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  1. Thanks for the advice. I have decided to go with the guader enhanced cylinder kit with a type 0 cylinder
  2. Currently in the process of building a m16 dmr amd of course I want to maximize my fps. I play on a field with no fps limit. I plan on using a m140 spring along with a 509mm tbb and currently debating if a bore up is necessary or not. And yes I have built high powereed aegs before so I know what internals to upgrade but this is my first time building a dmr. Ive tried doing some research but I keep hearing mixed opinions regarding what cylinder kits to use. Advice and recommendations?
  3. Exactly like the title says. need to find one asap. must hold up to 4-5 mags
  4. sure I'll do it. I'm waiting for vainguard to reply to my pm
  5. Up for sale is a Primary Arms M3 red dot mounted on a Element Larue LT129 mount. Never fielded. Batteries are brand new. Comes with papers and primary arms low mount. $80 shipped! specs can be found here: https://www.primaryarms.com/Primary_Arms_30...20red%20dot.htm
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