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  1. Has anyone been able to fit any battery other than an 8.4v in these handguards? http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=30870 I havent been able to fit either of my 9.6v batteries in there, it's a really tight fit. (one is a butterfly and one is a nunchuck) Also, can I modify them somehow? Or should I just get an 8.4v or PEQ box?
  2. Wish I could just fly out there and play.
  3. Personally I like KWA GBBS the best. They can be expensive...but you really get your money's worth. They make 1911's and I own a Glock 17 they discontinued, it served me a long time. Like Runner Gunner said, ASGI or Evike are good places to look.
  4. I completely agree....but why should religion lead to fighting if this is a simple question? Were all friendly here so I have no fears about that.
  5. Just wonderin' your stance on this guys. I'm Agnostic and proud! Don't have anything against theists and all...I just don't agree. Sorry if I offend anyone by not including their religion in the main choices.
  6. Don't get me wrong, it's fun to fool around sometimes in airsoft sometimes. If you could use any ridiculous video game tactic which would it be?
  7. Wow, I've never seen that before and you've made me jealous. Wish I could be that tech savy.
  8. Nah, just a brainstorm you get when procrastinating on homework.
  9. Sorry I didn't check to see if there weren't any topics on this already. I would have posted on yours if I knew. You should totally PM me your gamertag if you wanna play.
  10. The players are almost ready to start the game...but one last player walks on to the field. What's that he's holding? NO, IT CAN'T BE! BUT IT IS! It's a DMR from Halo Reach! Anyone think this is possible? A gas powered M14 could fit the bill. And don't call me a nerd...I'm a proud gamer and Reach is a great game.
  11. Well we all know KWA's have tight magwells so of course they were a very tight fight at first. After I filed them down they were too loose in the magwell to feed! Anyone have experience with this? Maybe some duct tape somewhere on the mag to give it some friction?
  12. BLAM! http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5472 It does say M11A1 magazine, but where it says "people who bought this bought..." the KWA MP9r is there, I'm guessing their compatible, but email AirsoftGi to be sure.
  13. Well my M4 isn't 2GX, if that makes a difference I don't know. I'm worried of getting dirt through the ventilation holes in the pistol grip. Plus I'm getting the MOE since I don't want to shell out close to $100 for a stock. (Parent's won't understand) And I'm not sure what a "1.75 KWA" is. I feel almost embarrassed.
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