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  1. Don't know how this ended up down here, the extra mag has been parted out and sold, asking $130 shipped for the gun + original mag + AI Propane Adapter Sold!
  2. Selling my Tanaka SAA Artillery made in heavy weight plastic and detachable cylinder. Bought this gun new a few months ago, fired a couple dozen shots and has been kept in the closet since. Very neat pistol that's in like new condition. Bought it for plinking and the coolness factor but this (airsoft) really isn't my thing. Will be shipped in original box with all the original papers..etc Will also include 2 AI duster adapters and a full bag of KSC .25 bb's Asking $155 shipped Thanks for looking
  3. $150 shipped Like New VSR-10 + Brand new mount base + Brand new bucking.... these will easily cost you $100 more than what I'm asking new before shipping... nobody wants a steal here?
  4. The TK barrel has sold. The remaining gun + scope rail + nine ball bucking are $175 shipped. Additional info... The gun was purchased in mid March, only shot indoors for targets / plinking, never taken outside, used in games...etc. It's completely stock and in like new condition
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