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  1. Great, thank you ..yes I do have proper charger... Brad
  2. I bought new Lipo, do I need charge/discharge a few cycles or can I just charge it and go? Thanks Brad
  3. Thanks I was looking at both of those Brad
  4. Ok stepping up to lipo I have read alot of stickys here I am placing a order for batteries on EAB but the charger I want is out of stock their charger Someone recommend me one that is similar ? Brad
  5. Loking to buy RS Type 56 UF or Fixed LMK what you have Brad
  6. Has to do with tank getting hot.. If you can leave it with them for few hours so it can cool down then you can get your 4500 in their
  7. You have no idea what gun this is... This one has not been made since 1996 it was limited when it was made... please do not thread crap..
  8. I have a kwa metal slide it is missing the the 2 springs in BBU and the m3 screw for BBU. otherwise all their I would take $30 shipped but would like to trade for m4 Pmags or good Metal mids I also have super rare Tanio Koba USP but sadly it is parts gun has broken slide easy fix but the grip frame is broke also But it is complete with FA LAM and Can those 2 alone are impossible to find outside of Japan. I need $200 on it a working one sells for $500-750 Brad
  9. Well I have owned a couple of these, prices are all over place on the forums and Ebay . Any were from 200 to 600. For me I would pay around 300 or so . HPA set up is about the only way to go with those if you live in colder climate Brad
  10. NO trades paid thru paypal I am willing to listen to reasonable cash offer on this Thanks Brad OK today I have CYMA M14 SOCOM 16 variant .. These are clones of Tokyo Maraui Socom16 I have a couple TM SOC16 it is hard to tell difference between them.. For my asking price you will get SOC16 2 big batts one is 9.6 3300mah GP the other is intellect 9.6 3200 2 Hi cap mags a bag of MIsc GP externals for this gun Also compete GP M14 full length barrel you would need to buy inner barrel though.. two issues with gun On front sight one ear is broke a little on rear of stock the flip up piece for butt pad broke I have piece you could easy fix I dremmelled small hole in stock so I could run external batt I just used this on 7- 21 in game functioned flawless in both semi and FA shoots about 350 FPS with.25 with real good ROF I will include shipping at this price Email for pics or info
  11. I need quality metal GP or VFC body specifically the front one.. I need it ASAP I have paypal waiting.. Brad
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