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  1. I have the same gun, and you have to file down the little nub a bit, that goes along the groove on the hop up unit (I believe it is on its right side), and then bend out the barrel with a little force. Be careful not to file of too much of the nub. I can say for certain that it is not TM compatible. The hop up bucking is smaller and the barrels outer diameter is different (don't remember if it's smaller or wider as I only opened it once, and found no point in doing it again). LeStath
  2. Hehe! Was pretty hard to do, with the camera and everything :D I guess it wasn't the best shooting right there. But bare in mind, the video was filmed in 240 frames per secound :P Thanks! LeStath
  3. Here is a short video of me fireing of one bb from my HPA M24A2 with R-Hop to show the flight path.
  4. You only need to tap the magazine, install a HPA nipple and install a stronger striker spring (if you already have the HPA kit) and you'll get it to shoot well over 800 fps with no problem.
  5. its a shame they are black, thus rendering them USELESS for sniping!!! Too dangerous with high powered guns if you don't really know where your bbs are flying.
  6. sounds interesting. looking forward to seeing some prototypes ;D LeStath
  7. order a spare one from KJW. they will fit and you can order from the directly by sending them an e-mail. Ps: if the pin got bent from bolt racking, I think you might be doing something wrong or that the pin had some sort of damage. I've had my M24 for over 5 years and has never even seen wearing marks on mine (and I take it apart weekly).
  8. I'm telling you! One of these days I'm going to have an Asahi M40 or M700 as well! Been looking for a long time! :S Even though we talked about this a few days ago, I would like to formally congratulate you with the holy grale of airsoft! The Asahi M40A1! Truly a beauty in airsoft history! LeStah
  9. Yeah, thats the hop up adjustment knob ;) If you are having any difficulties I'm more than willing to help you. I have 7 years of experience with this rifle and I'm getting pretty great results with it :) Just ask around :) LeStath
  10. okay! :) Get back to me if / when you are making more of these :) LeStath
  11. very cool looking! I've thought about the idea of putting an RDS on my HPA rifle. Just for fun! :P LeStath
  12. absolutely love the stock! If one were to buy one, how much would you charge for a stock like this? (Including and/ or excluding the cheek rest, as I have a Karstens Kydex one on my M24 stock) LeStath
  13. Helpful video! Keep up the good work! :D LeStath
  14. yeah! That video creeped me out the first time I watched mine too. Thought I had the wrong VHS or something :P
  15. Haha! well, then I think it will do the job :P
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