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  1. Hey, any interest in a KWA M93R? If not what type of AEG are you looking for? Ginger Bread Man
  2. I have a USP Match Expert if you are interested. Feel free to PM me. Ginger Bread Man
  3. Hey, I was just wondering what the battery solution is for the AK? Oh and free bump for the sexiest AK I have ever seen. Ginger Bread Man
  4. Hey Mal, I would love this gun, but I was wondering what your asking price is on this beautiful piece. Thanks. Ginger Bread Man
  5. Sorry bout the question on the shotguns I hadn't seen the post updated today. Anyways free bump for some awesome guns, and my stupid-ness. Ginger Bread Man
  6. What is the Safariland made for? Ginger Bread Man
  7. Hey Riptide, I have Glock mags. How many are you looking for, what style and what discount? Ginger Bread Man
  8. So how many witty jokes for the MG36? Seriously how many AK mids are you looking for and what brand? Ginger Bread Man
  9. Hey Ranger, I have used a KJW Glock 23, and I really liked it especialy for a first GBB pistol. However after having used higher quality weapons (TM and KWA) it really doesn't compare in terms of accuracy as well as not feeling as smooth when it cycles. As to the whole raising velocity (speed) by using a heavier round, use your common sense. No matter what round you fire the gun will be using the same amount of gas to fire it. Therefore if you put a lighter BB in front of gas it will be going faster than a heavier round. What you may have been thinking of is that of increasing force by increasing the mass of the BB. Speed is found by dividing the distance by the time. Force is found by multiplying mass times the acceleration. I suspect it was this increase in force that disco dante was thinking of when he talked about using .30's in his guns. Now if you want to increase the velocity your gun fires at you have a number of options (man google is a fantastic source here) you can ad in hi-flow valves or upgrade your springs. Ginger Bread Man
  10. Dude, This is the North East section. Unless you are in Panama, FL is not Northeast. You might like to re-post this in the south east section. However, if you ever find yourself in the North East feel free to come to a game. You might want to look into Operation Pine Planes, it would be worth the trip if you are into MIlsim. Ginger Bread Man
  11. Hey, I just wanted to find out what types of trades you are looking for? Thanks. Ginger Bread Man
  12. Free bump for a great seller. Ginger Bread Man
  13. Hey, I have a KWA Glock 26C with a couple of hi caps for trade as well as a holster. If you are interested PM me. Ginger Bread Man
  14. Sorry for the double post, my internet is being stupid. Ginger Bread Man
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