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    Avalon MK18 mod0, KJW P226, CA lwrc m6a2, WE 1911 MEU, VFC M4 URX, WE PDW open bolt, WE 5.3 hicapa, G&G Combat Machine M4, CA M4 sportline RIS, CYMA CM.032 M14, KJW Glock 17, KJW 1911.
  1. Well the Devgru seen is kinda beat, so My team decided to go in a different direction. It involves crye and woodlands. Ill post more pictures probably by the end of the week, I have a bunch of stuff coming in the mail. Go like the SORD page so you can check out every members kit. https://www.facebook.com/specialoperationsreeanactmentdetail
  2. Top is a TS, allwin stuff is alright, the TS is far more comfy though
  3. WELP I just spent onther 400-500 dollars on new kit for my blaster and for another second line, as always stay tuned... hoping to have it all for this weekend at zulu24, anyone else going this sunday?
  4. Yeah I am kind of torn everyone has been giving me grief saying its "Ugly" but idk what Ill do I am always slow to do those sort of things anyways.
  5. I sold all of them, all I have now is my PTW I got a 416 upper for my ptw and I will probably repaint the entire thing once I get a Can. Also trying out some new Eye pro
  6. Been kind of distracted the past couple of months, But I managed to hit up another LC op this past weekend and had an awesome time! here are some pictures, should have some footage coming soon.
  7. Been busy with life in general for the past couple of weeks. I ended up selling off all of my CB kit, and all I have now is AOR1 gear. Ill be hitting the bbwar field this sunday so there should be some pictures from that. Here is a picture of my Bucket, not much has changed with that, but my Kit has deff. changed.
  8. So alot has happened in the last week or so. I left adk, and I am venturing on to do different things. But check out this video my buddy put together from this past sunday. unfortunatley my camera was off for most of my epic kills, but oh well. Also note that I am running my NSW inspired kit in this video, and is probably what I will run from now on. More info later. peace out.
  9. Haha, thanks. I love the nods they're awesome and yeah, how was the FOV on those? I can only imagine...
  10. <AT>Randomizer27, whatchu been smokin?, Black mechanix are OG opr8r. I also get mechanix gloves through work, and the black/white gloves were the only thing I could get for free. And if my hands are going to give me away, the enemy has already spotted me. I'm not that good at hiding. Apc is ok, no real complaints other than the back panel being shapped exactly like the front panel. Doesnt allow for great use of rear hydro carriers or pouches.
  11. the Hurricane eotech replica's are suppose to be pretty decent, all of the repro's for the most part suck, they are useless in broad day light and most of the time you cant even zero them. Here are some pictures of my DG kit and some cool editing done by a friend
  12. Slick chest rig set up is, mehh. its a change of pace but, well see when I actually get a chance to use it. And airframes are pretty dope boy fresh, I had one for a brief period of time, It was too small for my head tho, so I sold it.
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