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  1. Other than an upper receiver what types of upgrades would be most beneficial to my aeg with like a 100-150$ price range? Barrel, gear box etc?
  2. I looked around for remedies with my situation and found that spinning the lens itself from the back of the optic should work. To my surprise it actually made a noticeable adjustment. It still isn't what I want it to be at :/ but it is way better than it was.
  3. I didnt think the upper receiver was removable, and the scope will not laterally adjust with the allen wrench, or horizontally I have tried it several times. Thanks for the idea ill try it and update in the morning. Jee I hope this works playing a big-ish game on my land, 6 on 6 medic :) Edit: "alen wrench" lol
  4. It wont adjust at all, and if it could it would not even begin to compensate for the mount itself pointing to the right and not directly down the barrel.
  5. Hello guys, I would like a little bit of help. I recently bought a JG AUG military edition from a website called hitguns. My AUG came with a pre-mounted optic, but the scope is sitting atop my bullpup a few degrees to the right. This may seem like a minor problem but at 20 feet my shots hit around 12-16 inches to the left of what I am aiming at. Unfortunately hitguns claims this was an intended design! and refuses to do anything about my defective gun :/ Is there any way I can buy a new rail system/receiver? any store that stocks them? I have looked but have had no luck . Any help at all will be appreciated, thanks in advance BK
  6. Hey guys, Chad here, high school senior, been playing airsoft for a couple of months now. I played woods ball (paint) with friends for a long time until our interest dwindled then picked up airsoft after my little brother and his friends. I picked blackkit as my screen name because I plan to progress from security forces in the air force to fbi and well...get my own black kit! Current airsoft armory Woodland camo flight suit woodland camo tactical vest JG Steyr AUG military version Colt spring pistol side arm picke dup for looks Glad I could join the community! see you all on the boards
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