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  1. 1st Place: Newold Hacienda Hts, CA , USA G and P Vltor M4 2nd Place: Madkows San Diego, California, United States VFC AK-105 "Mag-K"
  2. I have a black AGM M14 socom16 that I would love to trade for the USP. That is a old picture, but it has changed since then.
  3. Are you willing to part out the original heat shield?
  4. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Cyma-M14...2#entry18029802 if you want more just ask, and the ras isnt included
  5. I got the gun about a month ago and haven't really used it. The reason why I want to sell it is because its just not my type of gun. Also it came as I got it from Airsoft101(Evike forum) so it is still missing a heat shield. If you want pictures redirect your attention to Airsoft101 post. It looks exactly the same. Price: $85 OBOw/o shipping Trade List: M4(not parts) USP(preferably HFC m166) or what ever you want to offer Non-airsoft: 1. Fellowes Body Glove 17"(http://www.amazon.com/Fellowes-Neoprene-No...3/dp/B0000DZFVT) Just a note, its supposely a 17", but it could barely accommodate my laptop, then again its a Vostro 1500. It should fit any 15.4" and lower fine though. Basially brand new. $10 shipped 2. Zune Car Pack v2(http://www.amazon.com/Zune-H9A-00001-Car-P...2KJJ13PBKE4ZF7M) Basically BNIB only taken out of box because I thought it would work with my iPod, but I was wrong and has been sitting in my room ever since. $25 shipped
  6. Its black and its in great condition I just bought it from someone about a month ago, so I wouldn't know how much has gone through it. I haven't fielded it since I got it, but about 500 rounds through it. The owner before also got it professionally shimmed by the techs at Airsoft GI. But it is missing the heat shield it came to me like that.
  7. Are you looking for any trades because I have a cyma m14 socom im looking to trade
  8. what brands are the mid caps? I maybe interested
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