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  1. ? the point isI like the bar 10 as a rifle more than the utg l96. but I like the utg stoks more than the bar 10's. so if I could combine the rifle part of a bar 10, to an l96 stock=golden to me.
  2. Im saving for a JG Bar 10 of my own (Ive been using my cousins at skirmishes). Since I have been using my cousins Bar 10, I know how the rifle shoots (or his stock rifle at least), and love it. My brother also uses a UTG L96. Ive shot it many times, and love the feel of the stock. But not the feel of the shot. Ive heard of VSR, and JG making an L96 stock for the Bar 10, but havent found one.... anywhere. (the first time my friend google has failed me) lol Is there anywhere I can buy an L96 stock for the Bar 10? (Or can I modify a different brand/real steel stock?) LINKS are GREATLY appreciated. Thanks, -Mist
  3. I was under the impression that the M14 inner barrel was unique? Like you had to use an M14 inner barrel.
  4. Thanks everyone! But as Im living on the budget of a 15 year old, it'll be awhile untill I get a new rifle. I think Ill just upgrade the m14 I have now with a tightbore barrel, and a better hop up for a bit more accuracy. would this tightbore fit on an AGM m14? http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4261
  5. So something with midrange and long range accuracy? Wouldnt an m14 accomplish the same?
  6. Well, my rifle is really great (mabe cause its my first AEG), its pretty accurate at around 100 feet, and a fairly high ROF. Its just the mags that come with the rifle.
  7. Hey, thanks for all of the advice! For the past few skirmishes, Ive been floating behind my teams sniper, acting as a spotter, and Ive really enjoyed it. I think that the next rifle I save for (though not in the near future), will be the g-spec bar-10.
  8. mk, Mum told me about 2 weeks ago, that she ordered an airsoft rifle (I was personally putting off the rifle, because ZZ Top/Aerosmith tickets were going on sale) But she gave me the link http://www.airsoftpost.com/version-matrix-...ck-p-27162.html. so I go there, and Im pretty stoked, cause Ive always loved M14's. It arrived three days ago, its an AMAZING rifle, BUT. The mags are pieces of junk. Both mags broke on me in two days (not of missuse, Im VERY carefull with my possessions). I was in a skirmish today, I stayed over at my cousin's last night, and of course brought my new rifle. but when we were sighting in a scope, it stopped shooting, so we wound on the mag a bit, still nothing. We layed the mag aside so we could get to it when we finished sighting in the scope. So we continued our business, when the second mag unwound. By this time, we were extremely puzzeled. Of course you think, brand new rifle, mags, ought to work the second day. so we took apart the mags (my cousin had one, I had the other), and we both found they're EXTREMELY cheaply made. The one that stopped loading correctly, the little nibs on the end of the flywheel (which is plastic, as are ALL OF THE INTERNALLS!!!), had broken, and couldnt be repaired. The other, the spring that kept the wheel that you spin to get the bb's chambered, had come loose. That was an easy fix, but it broke on me several times in the first match, to where I just put down the rifle, and used a gas pistol. So this is the message to those wanting to buy an AGM M14 from Evike, get better mags to go with it. I ordered a couple of mags today from ASGI (by recomendation of a friend) http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2531, and my brother uses these mags http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=2302 in his echo 1. As I said, the gun is fabulous, just the mags that come with it arent good at all.
  9. Ive been looking at this rifle http://www.airsoftpost.com/version-matrix-...ck-p-27162.html I still have a couple of weeks to decide on an airsoft gun, but has anyone used/owned/heard of this gun? what are your thoughts? Thanks, -Mist
  10. I think I would like Rails... I would like something that I could attach a red-dot sight on down the road a bit. As for the finish, I think I would like a black, but either way is fine.
  11. Is the Cm.035 a full sized ak? It looks a bit dinky on Evike. Thanks, -Mist -edit- Sorry, that ought to be somewhere else like the AEG part... right?
  12. I think I may need a little help with selecting an AEG. (since I havent researched them... yet) My budget isnt high, only from around 100 to 140 USD (including shipping). Id like something like an AK, or an M14 type rifle. But my main roll will be support and assault. But I believe more of a support. Thanks a million yall, -Mist
  13. Thanks very much. Here's kind of an update, I played with my team, borrowing my cousins JG Bar 10... I played pretty much all day, and fired about 10 shots. ALL day. Ive been thinking about this, and Ive decided to opt out for an AEG. Kavurcen, I do believe Ill take you up on your offer. And thanks for everyone, I doubt I could be a designated sniper. -Mist
  14. thanks for the advice. but in the part 'The enemy is walking up behind you -(If you're hidden well enough) The enemy is about to step on you -You've set your sniping spot up in the wrong area.' isnt that what a spotter is for? And my cousin has agreed to be mine. 'Next, you'll need to practice shooting your gun, tuning it to your adjustments, and sighting the scope in to where your most proffered shot is. You'll need to master your breathing to slow your heart rate down, as any slight movement such as a small muscle twitch in your foot can throw your accuracy off.' Ive been practicing this since I was about 5, when it became my dream to become a SEAL sniper. Seriously thanks for the advice, but this has been 10 years in the making. -Mist
  15. Well, I guess you could call me a newbie. I have a 'minature gun'. It was a birthday gift last year, but then I got side-tracked to playing guitar, so I never got a full sized rifle. -Mist
  16. has anyone heard of (or own) the UTG APS2 Type96 Shadow Op Sniper Rifle http://www.airsoftpost.com/aps2-type96-sha...ck-p-27712.html ? Is the Shadow Op with the upgrades a good deal for the money? Or is there another bolt-action rifle thats better for under 200? Thanks, -Mist
  17. edit- Ive been trying to use the mini gun for EVERYTHING from CQC to sniping.
  18. Hey all, Im Echo, but the airsoft team my friends and I are getting together, calls me Mist. Im reletively new to the sport, though not at all new to shooting. Im 15, I love to play airsoft (obviosly), Im a guitarist, pianist, and drummer. I have a little mini gun which Ive been trying to use as a sniper rifle. I sincerely look foward to discussing with yall. -Mist
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