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  1. First off, if this is going to be your first gun, DON'T GET A BOLT ACTION RIFLE! You may think you want to, that you can be that helpful, cool sniper on the team, but it doesn't work like that. You just need to trust us on this. Buy an AEG, in the end, you will thank us. With that out of the way, you can either buy upgrades or do DIY mods. Here are some DIY mods you can do: -Cut the airbrake (use a tutorial) -Clean and lubricate the gun -Make barrel spacers with electrical tape -Fill the stock with clay -use teflon tape/thread sealing tape to fix any air problems (use a tutorial) You'll also want to use heavy BBs (.30g BBs AT LEAST) For upgrades you can buy, I would start with: -Nineball or Firefly "hard" hop-up bucking -PDI or EdGI or Laylax 6.01 inner barrel (you will have to clean your barrel after every game with one of these) If you want to go even further with upgrades you start hitting a bit of a price floor on spending, because you can't buy a new spring without buying reinforced trigger parts to handle it. So I'll let someone else chime in here. Good Luck!
  2. Go to the Red Alliance forums and look at their loadouts (I would just lurk, red alliance is full of a$sholes). There's Gorka suits for all around weather (they're waterproof), those are a pricy but good option. There's also Partizan suits, which I think is the name of the camouflage (you can get "Partizan Suits" and also "Gorka Suits" in Partizan camo). Partizan seems popular. There's also Flora, KZS (I have a set of this, good for forests), and Russia's own ripoff of US woodland M81, British Woodland DPM, ect. On a finishing note, if you ever saw any Russian in any of the Modern Warfare games using a piece of gear, you can safely assume that it's WRONG and that real Russian soldiers don't use it.
  3. There is no such thing as an AK47u. I suggest you go over to wikipedia and do some research before deciding whether you want a full-length AK or a carbine-length AK. Not insulting you, I'm just saying that you need to do thourough investigation before you choose a gun.
  4. Teeeecccchhhnically the M60E1 was a model that never made it out of the prototype phase. If you are referring to the good old "M60" of the Vietnam and after era, then yeah, me too, I've got the A&K M60 "VN" as they call it. I would also agree with you that the OP should NOT get a Barret anti-material rifle. In the current world of airsoft they are not practical at all, it would take hundreds and hundreds of dollars beyond the purchase price to get it to shoot almost as good as a suped-up VSR-platform rifle or a suped-up MK-25 platform. And even when you do that, it weighs 30 pounds. If that number doesn't sink in properly, let me put it in other terms. It weighs as much as an M60 and a half. I would say, if you are really good at running around with 4 foot long 20 pound guns, and you do NOT play CQB much, then get an A&K M60. They have nice long barrels, and mine is pretty hot and deadly accurate. If you do a bit of CQB from time to time, and want to focus more on mobility than pouring all your chips into hardcore area-denial, then I would say get an A&K M60E4 (medium option) or an A&K M249 para (light option). Just don't get a Barret.
  5. Hello ASF. I've got a pro-tec ace (the kind with the ventilation holes and the y-shaped chinstraps), and I would like to know: Can I get, for a low price, ARC-style rails for either side of my helmet? If not, can I easily mod rails made for a MICH or an IBH onto my Pro-Tec Ace? I scoured google but to no avail.
  6. You might have a little more luck searching for "Guttersnipe" sights, as that is what I have always heard them called. They were one of the many interesting innovations that spawned from the ASP handgun.
  7. One of the most helpful replie I've ever gotten on this forum, holy sh**. That piece of info should be in a sticky at the top of the snipers forum, or at least the VSR series forum.
  8. There we go. I personally don't like the "snakeskin" pattern on all these helmets but to each his own. I've got a decked out M1 helmet for my 'Nam impression, a Legit M88 with a multicam cover, and a Pro-Tec Ace painted tan. I have for the most part transitioned over to baseball caps and boonies because I play on woodland fields.
  9. And what of the E-Mags for that price? Are they STAR too? I've tried every metal STANAG magazine I can find in my price range, I think I'll buy just one STAR P-mag and see how it works in my guns. If it doesn't work I'll see how easy it will be to MAKE it work, and if it's easy enough I'll buy five or six more and make them all fit. Do the STAR magazines feed well at least?
  10. A lot of historical loadouts use chest rigs, like a Vietnamese NVA loadout, or a Soviet-Afghan war loadout. I'm sure there are modern loadouts which use chest rigs, I just can't think of any.
  11. The Plastic 120 rounder STANAG midcaps. They jammed really bad and wouldn't feed, sometimes to the point where I literally had to hit them with a hammer to seat the follower properly and unjam it. They wouldn't unload after I loaded them for a game and I had to take them apart to unload them, destroying two of the magazines in the process. Yes, I did lubricate them properly. So are these magazines: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=34430 The STARs or the Magpul PTSs? On evike they say "Magpul PTS" and have no mention of STAR, but they come up in the category of both "Magpul PTS magazines" and "STAR/ARES magazines".
  12. Me too, It's not often that airsoft gun problems are solved so easily and quickly And good idea on the elastic for the mags. I'll use that until I can find a new spring.
  13. Okay, so in short I need midcaps. I need them for my CA XM177E2 X-series and my 1st generation KWA KM4A1. I am looking at the 75 round Magpul P-mags on evike, which are a tempting $10 each or $42 for five. However, I did my research and here is what I found: Magpul's 1st generation of RS P-mags had a slot cut in them for a window (regardless of whether it was a windowed mag or not) and the ribs were smaller. Magpul's NEWER generation of P-Mag has been dubbed the "M-P-Mag" because of an "M" embossed on various parts of the magazine. These new "M" mags have no window and the ribs on the side are slightly more spread out than on the 1st gen P-Mags. Apparently this evolution of P-mags carried over into Magpul's PTS series, at least partially. I have seen many retailers offering "M-version P-mags" that hold 120 rounds and usual start at $22 a piece . The airsoft "M-P-Mags" have been said to feed better and I found a video on redwolf of them being run over with an SUV while loaded and working fine. I want these. Now, can someone tell me if the Magpul PTS 75 round P-mags (and particularly those on evike) are the "M-version" P-mags or the older models? I called evike and one of their sales reps said the mags had the window on the side, which would indicate that they are the older versions. Can I get the Magpul PTS M-P-Mags anywhere in 75 round versions and/or cheaper than the (outrageous) price of $22 each? Or are the expensive 120 round P-mags the only magazines that Magpul updated into "M-version P-Mags"? I really want the M-versions of the P-mags because I want a durable mag that will fit in many magwells, but $22 a pop is too d*mn high! I want to buy from evike because I have a $50 store credit there which is intended to pay for midcaps for me, and I need at least six (6) midcaps (preferably seven) for my loadout. Yes I've tried MAG midcaps, they couldn't feed for sh*t in my gun and I'm not going to ever revisit them. I tried a friend's 75 round Magpul PTS E-mag and it fit okay in my CA XM177E2. Basically I just want well feeding, affordable mags that are either metal STANAGs or P-mags.
  14. Thanks, now that I know it's NOT an M140 spring, and now that I fixed the air seal problems it's fine (except for a broken mag catch). Well, now I've got to get a new mag catch spring and a more powerful spring, something like a PDI 310% or so (PDI says that should shoot a bit below 500).
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