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  1. Damn that m40a3 stock is awesome. I'm so jealous. I wish I could get one for my M24 without having to mod a thing or two.
  2. I put my camelback underneath the ghillie. That also helps keep my back nice and cool.
  3. Thanks I have to agree, it is definitely a nice looking rifle. The guy I bought it off of did a nice job with it. Now my job is just to make it better I intend on purchasing a few new internal parts (piston, cylinder head, and been thinking about some intense barrel spacers). I also plan on putting a longer suppressor on it. The stub just makes me giggle every time I see it. I'm also getting an avery sling from Cabela's and a star S-lap laser to put on a set of rail scope rings I'm getting. (mostly for looks) I can't wait until its all finished. **Hoping** to have it up by next week.
  4. Hey everyone, thought this would be a good first post First is my CA M24. I plan on attempting a multicam pattern for her sometime this week or next week. If it comes out nice I'll be sure to post a pic. But for right now, here it is. Upgrades: M24 PDI Hop-up PDI Hard Type Hop-up Bucking Laylax Pss2 Teflon Cylinder Laylax Pss2 Right Handed Re-enforced Bolt Laylax Pss2 9mm ball barring spring guide Laylax Pss2 Aps2 190sp Laylax Pss2 Damper Cylinder Head Laylax Pss2 Piston Head Laylax Pss2 3 Element Piston CA M24 advance cylinder set DB Custom (modified length barrel) originally 650mm TB
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