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  1. Wow Chris I cant believe your going to be selling one of your glocks. Great deal on a nice gun.
  2. Just remember that while that glock is TM compatible it is a AEG/Matrix M17.
  3. come on man its an extra $20 bucks, hes already practically giving it away for what it has in there.
  4. When you add things to your cart and you are ready to check out, you will see a button that says account center, click it. Enter in all your info, this will tell also calculate your shipping costs depending on what mode of transport you choose. An email with your costs and shipping costs will be sent out to you. It will be emailed to whatever email you used to register(may take up to 1 day to receive). From there use the paypal address provided in said email to paypal the money with a message stating your order number. Its complicated yes but after a few tries it gets easier.
  5. If there is a guy with a 400+ sniper rifle 2+ feet from you he shouldnt be shooting at you with anything but his sidearm, no not even that, that would be more along the lines of a parlay /safety kill.
  6. Yes feel free to join us if you would like. Just do a search for Northwest airsoft tactical team. We hold games every couple weeks on either Saturday or Sunday. Depending on the schedules of everyone we might even be able to do a full weekend.
  7. Right but also realize that the bb's that started the topic are not the ones that are in the video, those bb's are out in the market currently and are not tracer ammo, these bb's are not yet production run and are tracers. They could wind up being radically different then the ones RA tech showed us.
  8. Not only that but exploding rounds that can cause serious harm will only make airsoft a target. Just think, now instead of having to buy a real weapon you can buy an airsoft one with exploding ammo. We already have enough issues regarding the realism and dangers of airsoft, we don't need this. Definitely not the greatest idea in the world. To top it off, why would you need exploding tracer ammo for target practice? you cant just use regular tracers?
  9. 1 was sent to california and the other to washington state. No hassle at all, arrived within 10 days. if you would like a shipping quote add the items to your cart, add in your address and go through the check out procedure, they will do their best to send you a quote in your email within 1 day. payment is made through paypal and is not available directly from their site, so don't worry about accidentally purchasing something. they will send you their paypal info in the quote so you can send payment if you so decide.
  10. I ordered 1 about 6 months ago and another about 6 weeks ago.
  11. http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...id=7&cat=19 heres where I picked mine up. both passed through customs with no issues.
  12. Ive put about 6000rds through my M11 so far and no problems yet.
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