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  1. AEX was not in the wrong. Brokerage fees are expected when dealing with UPS international orders into Canada.
  2. Forgive the smoke-clear lower needed for Canadian IMPORT (Not ownership). KWA 1911A1 NS2
  3. Forgive the smoke-clear lower needed for Canadian IMPORT (Not ownership). KWA 1911A1 NS2
  4. Check to see if the arm is able to protrude into the barrel window; sometimes aftermarket barrels come with smaller than normal windows. Comparing my TM arm to my TSD's, the angle of the arm slot seems to be steeper on my TSD's allowing for more hop-up. You might be able to modify the stock arm so that the nub is higher allowing for greater protrusion into the barrel window, such as adding an SCS/PCS or custom shaped surface that would be higher than the stock prongs. I filed off my prongs, dripped superglue on where they originally were and solidified the stuff with flour. I layered this until I got the right height and proceeded to file and sand until I got the shape I wanted. The best shape for my setup seems to be two parallel rectangles instead of two simple prongs, which are as long as the barrel window will allow.
  5. The Laylax orange piston's airbrake may be replaced with an included grub screw.
  6. The larger diameter PDI spring guides and springs will only fit PDI pistons and the Laylax red/orange pistons, not the P* or stock.
  7. Here's a nice topic on what a guy did to a non-xb he found. http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=97842.0 PDI has a few parts available http://www.x-fire.org/etop/m40.html
  8. Exactly my point; stabilizing the cylinder in the receiver should be a priority before opening up the zero trigger.
  9. I used a #14 (#15?) o-ring for the front guide which was a tight fit around the cylinder until some cylinder grease was applied and the rubber eventually stretched after some use. For the rear guide ring I used the same sized o-ring but cut a portion of it off to allow for the rear-receiver to front-receiver connection.
  10. The wear on the zero trigger shouldn't cause slam firing. Make sure the cylinder is centered in the receiver and is straight when it is pulled back. If it wobbles at all, check to see if both the guide rings are there. I replaced my guide rings with large lubed o-rings (rear ring cut to fit) so the bolt pull is silky smooth and very straight. One may also wrap the end of the cylinder with 5mm of tape to center it inside the outer barrel.
  11. The laylax piston allows for the use of PDI 13mm springs and 9mm spring guides as well. So personally I'd get with a PDI spring and spring guide for a closer fit and for the fact it may reduce the "springy" noise when firing due to the extra space.
  12. I remember Tux had a 510mm TK in his M14 that was shooting around 480 (?) with a .2g before he disappeared from ASF. He had mentioned that he thought longer TK barrels could be used in higher powered setups. This theory of his aligns with the fact my TK 303mm has piss-poor performance and consistency at higher power levels than 1J.
  13. I expect it to be similar to the Tanaka; just like their G96/L96, but hopefully it won't have proprietary mags this time.
  14. Bore out your endcap with a drill to allow the bull inner barrel through. Slide an ol' PVC pipe over your out barrel as a mock supressor to hide and protect the inner barrel.
  15. I love the pattern honestly. As for the actual set a, few areas are double stitched and should hold up for a while. My only gripe is how loose the buttons seem to be stitched onto the material and how the main button holes are just cuts into the fabric. (Unlike the reinforced holes on the chest pockets). There are also a few loose threads here and there that are easily taken care of. All in all I didn't regret my purchase, but those who just want Tigerstripe should just get something more affordable if they don't mind the inaccuracies of those brands. And I had a white tshirt underneath I didn't want the camera to see, so forgive the button. xD PS: Awesome Dirk!
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