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  1. Fixed my gun and generally put it back together. Just a few bits tomorrow. Thank you soooo much Hush!!!! Alls I had to do is mess with the gears on the gear box and waalah! All fixed up. I also know how to upgrade the spring on my gear box too. :) Sweet site, ty for everything. :)
  2. K, well... Started messing with my mechbox and I decided I wanted to see it shoot, since I havent before. :D Messed with the safety and pew pew pew. It shoots automatic again!!! Ahhh but wait, switch back to safety and pew. Shoot semi-automatic while in safety now, WTF!!!@$F!!EF! >:O!!!!!! Anybody know why my box's safety/semi/auto mechanism is so fuxed up? Halp! :D
  3. So, I took my gun apart and now it's just the mechbox. Now I have no idea what to do, and I really do not want to take apart the box unless there's something I know I should be looking for. Should I send pictures of it?
  4. Well, I've ripped my computer apart before and fixed that. If I took my gun apart, I could probably put it back together again. I live in Maryland btw, Huntingtown. Thanks for the info! :) Still need help tho. I want more infos before I rip my gun apart. Lol :] ------------------Update------------------ Shot my gun some more, Automatic is still fuxed. When firing semi auto, it shoots on and off, as in... sometimes it shoots, and something my gun just says, "F*ck you"; slaps me in the face, and doesn't shoot. Eventually it just stopped firing and started clicking. I'm assuming my battery died. ------------------------------------------- Funny, I was going through the comments on the website you gave me for my gun, and same thing happened to someone else. >.> RAAAAAH!
  5. I have a JG Tactical AK 47. Gun is pretty good and what not, and I've never really had any problems with it. Yesterday though... :O!!!!!! I switched to it automatic, and it just crapped out on me. I was like "WTF!@!#@!". After shitting my pants, I figured, "Eh, battery must of died." Charged it for a few hours but it was getting late so I went to sleep. Today I put the battery in and go outside to shot it. I switch to automatic, and when I get all excited and pull the trigger... it shoots once, makes a click sound...and that's it. In automatic it shoots single rounds as if it's stuck in semi-auto. In semi-auto it shoots single shots as well. A few times in automatic it just crapped out on me, alls I'd hear is a clicking sound when I pulled the trigger. I've only had this gun for about 4 months maybe. I don't use it all that much. I also take care of my guns. If someone can explain why this is happening, or what I have to do to fix it I will be greatful. Thanks. :)! (Note:I just started playing airsoft not long ago, so I hardly know what is what...but I have a good general idea.)
  6. Dude..orange tips are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, maybe not. :) Thanks everyone for the help!!! :D
  7. I'mma buy some camo pants, and some boots that are comfy. When do you guys have games? I just turned 19, and started airsoft a couple months ago. I've been playing backyard ever since, but I'm inching to play an actual game. I also have to buy a new orange tip or find my old one (Which I really can't find). I posted a seperate thread for that tho. I also have a really general question, and I hope you guys don't mind. How many magazines should I have? For my AK, I have 8 Mid-cap 100 round mags, and 1 high cap mag. If I sign up and all that business, and actually come to a game; I'm prolly gonna just use my ak, and have my other gun as a "just in case" gun. But is that generally enough? Would I haveto have like 4 high caps and like 16 mid caps or something? Lol :) I don't really know how the airsoft games really work, do you guys do a round, and then get all loaded up for the next one? Thanks!
  8. I lost the plastic orange tip for one of my airsoft guns. I took it off ages ago, and now I can't find it for the death of me. Are there general places where I can buy them? I live in Prince Frederick, MD. If not, is there anything I can do to LEGALLY improv a orange tip? Thanks. :) For example: Orange Tape, Orange spray paint, giant letters saying, "THIS ISN'T A REAL GUN." Lol.. :P
  9. Lol, just checked out the paintball one....sigh. I'd have to drive threw DC and just to get there, would take forever and a day or so. >.> Prince Frederick to Frederick = sigh. If you want to play some lame backyard airsoft, I live in Prince Frederick.
  10. I'm an elitist because I pew pew pew in my back yard and pwn noobz. I really just wanted to say that. Lol. SEE ME PEWPEW. Btw, I have 2 guns, both were like $100 each... :P They fulfill my backyard needs. Who tapes their magazines together in 2s, and puts them in a little bookbag that his girlfriend gave to him? Who has no armor except for a facemask from Walmart? You caught me. I am the Ghetto Elitist, hear me roar. Raaah.
  11. What if you want to just go there to play? I'm sure I could by some boots, I'd much rather have some sports shoes, but still. I don't have any actual gear. I just have my guns and my mags. Do we have to have to just play against people? I personally just want to play people for the fun of it. This has nothing to do with this topic...but... Are people allowed to have to play with two guns? I have two guns, one for me, and the other for people that play 1v1 with me if the ydont have one. Could I strap a gun to my back and play with both in 1 game? If I did that I'd have a total of 15 mags while I played. >: ) Back to the topic, do we really HAVE to have boots and camo? Wouldn't it be my own damn fault if I break my on your field? lol :] I use a small bookbag that my gf gave me for my mags, I just reach in and slap them on my gun. Easy . Also, I tape my mags together, and in 2 singles taped together. Ghetto , I know; but that's how I roll. Is that alright? SORRY for these questions if you guys think they're retarded or something. I've never played on an actual field before, only backyard. I do have face masks though. :) Now that I just read all the replys to this thread, I just noticed this is invite only. Do you guys have games where you and other just play to play? Like not actual official games, but regular ones? Just wondering, thanks. :)
  12. Ok, I bought my gf a cheap version of the p90, it is soooo bad. I mag is horrid and jams every 5 shots or so, and it's gravity based so you basically have to aim up constantly, and it shoots like, not even halfway across my yard. My got shoots into other peoples yards. :O! Anyways I bought her this sick gun for about $100, it was 150 on another site where I bought my gun. It's an AK looking thing, seems better than mine. ;.; Anyways, still wanna know where you guys are located. I'm going to start playing at the arena around where I live once I can get some friends to play airsoft with me. Gun I bought my gf--- http://www.kapowwe.com/Merchant2/merchant....mp;Store_Code=R I used a different site tho and got it for $100. :D!
  13. Ok, I found my brothers gun. http://www.amazon.com/Steyr-Military-Airso...e/dp/B000O5QDGQ That is basically it. I have the gun, I need to buy a charger and battery. I really don't wanna buy a battery that wont fit. I need to find out what KIND of battery it uses, but nothing even says what kind of battery, NOTHING!! If anyone can tell me a good place to find airsoft batteries for certain guns, or even what kind of battery it uses, please please please help me. :D
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