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    G&G Gr16 with the following upgrades: Madbull TBB Guarder gearset PDI 170% spring Matrix magnum motor Deans connectors 9.6v 2000mah battery Externals: Dboys RIS NCstar 1.25-4x32 red/green illuminated scope VFG
  1. ??? Magpul is the epitome of function. Slap a PRS on there!
  2. I know I shouldn't quote images, but that M4 is just too sexy to leave out. THOU ART WIN!
  3. you're plan is fairly similar to mine. Mine is: 1) Get MOE handguard in DE 2) Get AFG in FG (FG and DE together to compliment the MC) 3) get SCS nub 4) Get eotech 557 or 552 replica 5) get 4x FTS magnifier 6) Get UBR in DE 7) SECKS
  4. Anyone tried multicaming their rifle? I'm tempted to just get Lakota to do it, but 250 + 40 per mag + shipping both ways is pretty steep O.o
  5. This is my GR16. When it was here last, it was weighed down with a plethora of unneeded goodies. The design has been refined to make it as light, fast, and durable as possible. I ditched the scope-it wasn't effective enough to warrant the extra weight. The newest addition to my gun can be seen sitting in the magwell :D its a king arms 360rd. Suggestions appreciated! Externals: Mostly stock. G&P Knights type QD suppressor installed, VFG installed, and CA crane stock installed (still wired to the front though ) shown with a king arms 360 round pmag. internals: Modded the poop out of it. PDI 170% spring guarder gear set with holy mother of shimming Madbull 363mm black python systema bucking JBU steel/aluminum piston Matrix magnum motor Wired to deans on a 9.6v, this thing does 20rps at about 420 fps (effective range is pretty good, I can hit a man sized target no problem at 160 feet)
  6. I've made the following changes: The M203 is gone. I sold it. I've added a riser. I continue to use short mags however, they allow me to use the VFG as a front-end monopod when I really need the stability. Out of my 7 kills yesterday, 3 of them were made from more than 100 feet.
  7. I'd love to get one of these guys for my Gr16! I'd prefer to trade.
  8. Well, I appreciate the honesty. At this point, I think I'm going to switch back to my foregrip, make the 203 a standalone, and work on DMR-ing the gun. The 203 is too heavy and pointless. The gun is hilariously accurate for a standard barrel length M4 barrel though, I'm getting 6 inch groupings at 100 with .28s.
  9. Legit silencer is legit. Bobcannon is updated once more! G&P Knights Type QD silencer.
  10. My Gr16 is now named Bobcannon, in memory of the fish that gave me my name. You will be missed Bob. G&G Gr16 (pro series) Base gun Internals: Guarder gearset PDI 170% spring JBU Steel/Aluminum piston Systema Hop-up bucking Madbull Black python TBB Matrix magnum motor Wired with deans. Chronos at 415-420 FPS at ~18-20 rounds per second on a 9.6v nunchuck. Externals: Classic Army crane stock G&P QD Silencer (Knight's type, with trademarks and foam :D) NCstar 1.25-4x32 Scope Echo 1 short type m203 Shown with a TM Short VN mag inserted. Better for going prone. With my bro's stock Echo 1 M4... Three guesses who's more into airsoft...
  11. A full set of multicam, including multicam boots and facemask, a King Arms CASV (black), a king arms colt metal body, two madbull 120 round grenades, 6 classic army metal midcaps, 4 bags of KSC .25s, 3 bottles of green gas, and a custom laser engraving of my fish on the side of the MBK.
  12. god I'd love to... I have no money though :( bump for a downright sexy weapon.
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