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  1. Cat Crap, an anti fogging compound, works better than anything I've tried to date. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002ZNA488
  2. ServedConsistenly covered all bases fairly well. The only thing I would add is to train in full battle rattle whenever possible. This will reinforce muscle memory and help point out any problems with your gear, e.g. a mag pouch that inhibits your ability to kneel. I myself wouldn't spend too much time just working on your marksmanship. I believe your time would be better spent working on reloading or alternate shooting positions.
  3. I'm partial to the replica Ops-Core, but they have trouble with arc rails being mounted. The MICH 2000 (second link) would be my pick. You might want to re think any helmet add ons. If it serves a function, keep it. If it is only there for aesthetics, omit it. No sense in having excess gear that could get caught on something.
  4. Boogie Regulators are good, especially with a coating of Cat Crap. That combination was fog free at OP: Broken Home. Link to the goggles: http://www.smithoptics.com/products/#/Elit...or+Goggle/view/
  5. If you have room in your budget for Crye pants, go with them. My team mates and I just about all run them and have not had any major failures like we have other pants. That being said, stay away from Propped pants. A team mate and myself both experiences identical seam blow outs within a year of owning them.
  6. Neva been done bafore. The ruined Thompson could open up a whole new market for Red Jackut.
  7. Crye AC Combat shirt and Field Pants in Multicam, iTunes cards, jumper cables, tackle box, books, and a Jeep calendar. An excellent Christmas if you ask me.
  8. Belleville 390's for any airsoft game. Not only do they look good, they're amazing on the feet.
  9. I don't take the patches off, I ask that they remove them. Also, who are they to think that they have the right to wear them? There's next to no defense for wearing them other than aesthetics. You're not "Honoring" a unit by wearing a patch unless you were part of said unit. I see people wearing 101st patches all the time and it makes me angry because a team mate of mine is actually 101st. I know that it bothers him to no end. While it might not bother you to wear a patch, it may bother actual servicemen who have every right to ask you to remove it, possibly going so far as to do it themselves. If nobody asks you to remove a patch, keep it on. If anybody asks you, remove it. Too many of you like to try to make a textbook answer.
  10. I think what you guys are forgetting is that it's not important that one person doesn't care, it's that a lot of people do care. Even though gramps gave his grandson a rank or insignia to wear at airsoft games, the grandson still didn't earn said rank/insignia and thus shouldn't be wearing it. I'm not military, but several of my team mates are and we make an effort to remove tapes, ranks, and insignia from non members. Wearing real MARPAT is a little touchy, it doesn't bother me or my team mates any. It does bother a few people because of the EGA that are spread out on the pattern.
  11. I'd pay money for an AOE adjusted piston and sorbo. Maybe like $10 on top of the existing cost of the stock piston?
  12. I just gave this a shot in my CYMA m14. The results were impressive to say the least. Prior to the flat hop, my BB's would go to 200' and rapidly drop with the hop up fully applied. Now, I can nail (Stationary) targets at 180' with ease, and the BB sails well over 200'. This is with only 3/4 hop up, mind you. I haven't lengthened the barrel window yet, nor do I plan on doing it. After all, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. For what it's worth, the nub is simply a small piece of a paint stick that I cut to size with an exacto.
  13. The front looks great. I suggest taking a rattle can to it to help break up the lines on your skids and just your torso shape. The back only has a few minor problems, in my unprofessional opinion. 1. All of the jute strands appear to be the same length. Try taking a pair of scissors to about 1/4 of the suit to help better break it up. 2. Shiny. This happens with any new ghillie. A quick mud bath or dragging it down a dirt road will fix this quickly. 3. Minor coloration problems. It might just be the camera, but several spots appear blue to my eyes. Instead of restarting, just get some brown/tan spray paint and touch them up to taste. 4. Jute Monster. Everybody else has said this one already, no need to continue. Beyond those four things, I think it's about perfect. Maybe give it some veg tie down points?
  14. If you show up to a game in one of those, you're going to get laughed at. Just spend an hour a day for a few weeks making your own ghillie.
  15. Pretty cheap to do: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Barrel-S...rs-t171326.html
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