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  1. I should have been more clear. I am adding material to the frame. I wanted to remove the piece to prevent glue from getting on the spring or other parts. You are right, it would be dumb to add material to a moving part.
  2. I'm going to try and remove the piece to add shimms so I don't accidentally glue the spring or anything else.
  3. Ok, so heres what it looks like. That silver piece on the left. It likes to rest how it is in the first picture(leaning to the inside of the gun). In this picture, I'm holding the piece to the side where it should sit so the slide cycles properly. I was thinking of making a small shim and sliding it into the side with a small adhesive. Heres a picture of it jammed. You can see part of the BBU is caught on the outside of it, which stops the slide from returning. Here is how it should look and a picture of the slide if needed
  4. I recently got a WA 1911 from a friend. I believe it has a PGC Kimber metal slide/frame kit. I cant seem to find any aftermarket outer barrels for it. I really want a threaded barrel and to put a silencer, and maybe a longer inner barrel, but I have no idea what is compatible with it. Also, does anyone know what the purpose of this little grey cam is in the picture here? It's on the opposite side of the slide lock. It has a ton of play in it to where it naturally leans to one side, and it causes the slide to jam unless I push it to the side. I can't seem to find any real function for it, and am tempted to just file it down. My other option is to somehow fit a very thin shim down to the side of it to prevent it from moving. More pictures cause everyone likes pictures
  5. I have a JAC AUG in fairly good shape for sale. the scope is cloudy, being it is 20 years old. The trigger has been fixed for full auto only. This way you won't have to worry about it breaking in the future. It also has a frontline tight bore barrel. I have made a silencer for it out of PVC pipe. It is well made and is solid on the gun, it has no wobble at all and has foam in it. With the silencer, the gun is almost dead silent. It fires great, and is a very reliable gun. All 5 mags work great. 4 of them are metal tubing and one is plastic. I believe they have a capacity of 60-65 rounds(I counted). the internal tank has been bypassed also, so just add your fittings. I'm asking $195 +shipping OBO I'd prefer not to sell it, but I need the money. I have two CO2 tanks that I could sell with it if you need. They both are hydro dated for 2015. feel free to PM me with questions and offers
  6. I have a set of Bushmaster internals that I had plans for but decided to start a different project. Everything is here, mainchamber, subchamber(high flow), barrel O-ring, barrel, trigger valve(high flow), recoil spring. These would be great for a custom project or as an upgrade to your current Bushmaster. I'm asking $120 shipped for all of it. I might consider trades for pistols(GBB) but otherwise cash only.
  7. What a deal... If I wasn't getting a JAC limited, I would jump on this.
  8. Palmers regulators can be had fully setup up to your 6mm hose out of the mag. When properly maintained, they are very reliable regualtors. From what I've heard, the AKA 2-liter is a common secondary regulator. Not sure if you want to use it as a primary. But again, I don't have much experience with those regualators.
  9. It shoots amazing. Much snappier recoil. Kicks a bit harder and cycles faster. No cool down :D There's a youtube link in my post...
  10. Ok, so I modded my KSC USP to shoot on external air. Its temporary mod until I can get a tap/die kit. The donor mag needs some parts to feed BBs (spring/baseplate) and since I was going to mod it anyway I didn't mind doing this. I took a file and file out the fill valve hole so I could very snuggly fit some 6mm hose in, and then I used some weldbond to prevent any slipping/leaking. This way I can still drill out a bigger hole for a 6mm slip fit later. VIDEO!!!!
  11. Ya, that does seem to be very common. Unless you have a semi only field, semi isn't really necessary. Short bursts and tapping the trigger works just fine. Its how I justified buying a set of Asahi internals. Funny story actually, I bought the Asahi Bushmaster internals to open up all the air passages and get myself familiar with the system while I saved up for an Actual bushmaster, and it turns out all the air passages and the valve are opened WAY up already haha. Never too many classics...
  12. oh ok haha. I just remembered there being a JAC AUG in the bazaar that didnt work on full auto. I also find it somewhat insulting that he is offering to buy it and then resell it for a profit to somebody who has little to no knowledge of classics or or how they work. Those same people would be better off buying it first and from a place that knows a thing or two about the guns.
  13. Considering were talking GIM GBBRs, I doubt he is talking about either of those. JAC isn't even GBB. Either way I am as confused as you are with his statement. WE GBBRs don't impress me and there are already M16 GBBRs available if you look outside US retailers.
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