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  1. Have you ever checked out Snohomish County Airsoft Group?
  2. They only hang on your wall if you're not strong enough to carry it on the field. Otherwise they are "skirmishable". They are nice, but you need to ask yourself.....are they 900.00 better than the A&K M60?
  3. The more fields the better, but if you weren't aware of this group it is more than worth checking out. More than one field is available for play with one being around 40 acres. Playing with honor and calling your hits is paramount. There are over 500 members. www.meetup.com/Snohomish-County-Airsoft-Group/
  4. Hmm, motors are a odd beast. Mine works just fine with no issues. The one thing I have noticed with the M120 motors is that some will pull a M140 spring while others won't. Mine doesn't fire 2 round bursts in semi. While I have 7.4 and 11.1 lipos I've been running my 9.6 5000mah's.
  5. I could but the Gb won't be coming apart for some time. I was going to up the spring a bit but it shoots so weel with such great range I'm going to leave it for awhile. It should take any V2/V3 parts. The Hop-up is similar to the 249's but different. Kind of hard to explain. It works good though, much different than the 249's.
  6. Well, from my understanding the stock issue has been addressed on this run of guns. It seems sturdy to me and I had no issues with it.
  7. Ok, I got to use the Stoner yesterday. First to answer the above question. Inner barrel is 440mm and there is no provisions to mount optics. I guess if that's what you wanted to do you would need to modify it to do so. I had my M15A4 and M249MKII with me yesterday but never got them out, I used the Stoner from 10am to 3pm. The thing performed flawlessly. The box mag is really well designed and feeds great. Being shorter and lighter than a SAW it was much easier to use around brush and carry for extended times. I still can't believe the range it has for a stock gun. Close to 200ft and those weren't lob shots. The kills I did get were all in that range. It is also louder than any stock gun I have had and people know when your firing it. This gun gets a big A+ from me.
  8. I haven't skirmished with it yet. That will happen next weekend. As far as weight, it is light. Not much heavier than a full size M4. Lighter than both my M249's and way lighter than the the M60's I used to have. It's feels great. The only mod I've made to it has been repainting the flashhider. I will run with it stock for awhile then up the spring.
  9. Got to shoot it a little last night and today. This thing is real nice. Shoots very straight and has a range of close to 200ft. Mine chrono'd at 365fps. I will run with it this way for now and will bump the spring up a little. Box mag feeds flawlessly.
  10. Oh I plan on removing the orange tip soon.
  11. Thanks, couldn't have said it better myself. I buy a gun because it's what I like and want, plain and simple. I'm not some kid who wants or needs to be like the dude in the game. I'm far past that. I am well aware of the past stock problems as I've been looking into these for the past 6-7 months. I agree, I probably won't see any others on the field. When first had my M60's no one else had them out there. Now I'm seeing 2-3 at a game. I don't know why posting that I got a new gun would draw sarcastic replys.....guess it's just the nature of the immature
  12. Has nothing to to do with COD for me.
  13. X2. I have broken stock gears on mine with a M130 spring. Personally, having owned and upgraded 2 A&K M249's and 2 M60's, I wouldn't trust the stock gears to last very long with an M130 spring. Your mileage may vary but guaranteed it will fail. Nightwolf is also correct about the box mags.
  14. Got it today. Pretty sweet the way it goes together. Haven't shot it yet and I won't have time to for a couple of days.
  15. Thanks. Yes, I've read those and from what I understand G&P has addressed the stock issues...we'll see. These are the first issues with the box mag that I've seen, most say it works great but most box mags seem to be finicky sometimes. V2, yeah but I don't see that being a real issue as I don't usually lay down several minutes of suppression fire. I was really looking for anyone on here who actually has one of these and their impressions.
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