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  1. Wow, looks awesome! Great job!
  2. Hey guys, I am thinking about purchasing the KA VIS M4 but I really don't know anything about KA. My other option is buying a used KWA SR 10 locally for the same price without a battery or mag, and with a more than likely expired warranty.
  3. I'll take it as goodwill :D I've definitely grown on the idea of an all multicam gun, but I think the front sight, grip, non ingraved body (if you get an ingraved magpul body watertrasnfered, that would be amazing!) and.... yeah that's really it. Besides that it's amazing. Also I don't really have the money.
  4. Awesome stuff, lizzard. I will ignore Kav when I ask this because he bitched at me about how it's all the same while we were going to the local airsoft shop, but does anyone know how good the dragonred airsoft EOtechs are? I'm really just looking for one that will keep it's zero on a WE SCAR, even if it's recoil is minimal on green gas.
  5. Watch out with those dude, you need some ANSI rated glasses, or better yet some full seal goggles. Go to Goggleoverstock.com and you can get full seal ANSI rated Arena Flakjak goggles for about 21 shipped.
  6. Great paintjob on the glock, what paints did you use?
  7. If you had black pants, it would kinda look like a MGS4 loadout. : D Nice work , though.
  8. I kinda wanna stop building my loadout, as yours it beautiful. Thanks for the links, I should probably get that backpack. (even though I don't go to 24 hr ops.... lol)
  9. Damn looks great dude. The OD kind of sticks out, but I think it might just be the lighting.
  10. +1 F22Rapt02 great dealer, cut off some money on shipping (since it was such a big item) and held great communications.
  11. Also wfmofo you missed the upgrades part: "upgrade parts are a steel trigger, reinforced stop delay pin, a reinforced stock hinge, and a steel RA-Tech NPAS kit" The NPAS kit is 40 dollars in of itself, I'm not sure how much the stop delay pin and the trigger is (little off topic zaitsev, where did you get it? I was thinking about getting a new trigger for my WE SCAR once my warranty runs out so I don't ruin it by opening up the trigger mech) the stock hinge was 15 dollars, so it adds up to be a pretty fair price.
  12. Do you NOT understand what "I hate thread crappers with a passion, and this is your only warning." means? Seriously, shut the hell up and go away. He's been one of the few forumers who HASN'T been trying to be tacticool and DOES know what he's talking about, unlike you. Gcommando, the guns are sick. Don't change a thing, although it would be cool if you dusted up the black plastics to give it a more worn color to it, as it seems very shiny.
  13. Sorry to butt in on the thread, but how well does the Hurricane hold up to GBBr use? I heard the dragonred EOtechs do fine on GBBrs.
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