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    Hey, im from Europe. The Forum don't like my phone number...
  1. Sure its called M203s? Thats a launcher. I have 2 TM shortys, luv them :)
  2. 6.01 or 6.03... Measurements showed that many manufacturers use this only for marketing. The true inner-diameter often differs.
  3. This pics will help you: http://airsoftaustria-tech.blogspot.com/20...-piston-am.html
  4. Fire is known as a serious shop. No worries.
  5. This info is in German, but most things are self-explaining: http://www.madbullairsoft.com/images/Adver...el%20Report.pdf I have TM, Systema, MB, JBU and Prometheus with 509mm. Will do a test in the next 1-2 months.
  6. If you can afford it buy a Prommy, you would not regret it. This thing is made of steel, very heav and in tests more accurate than the MadBull. Downside is - it doesnt matter which length you buy, all Prommys costs nearly the same. :( And there are some AEGs in which I don't recommend a MadBull, e.g. P90 because of barrel swing/vibration.
  7. The Gearbox is not the reason - its because people want M4/M16 DMRs, and they have a V2 gearbox.
  8. You can make a tool yourself. Look here: http://airsoftpacific.com/viewtopic.php?t=24293 If you shim your gearbox starting with the pinion, it doesnt strip down!
  9. 3min work: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Pic should me self explaining. If you still need help, just ask. Remove the brushes before you do Nr.2! For this remove the brush-springs, unwire and remember how the go into the cage.
  10. Very nice. RPS and FPS? You have some details of the construction?
  11. Try other piston - same problem? Can you record the sound (e.g. quick youtube video upload) ?
  12. Q: How fast will it fill a tank? A: It will fill a 68 cubic inch tank in about 4 hours to 4500 psi. => lol.
  13. Thank you. Whats the maximum ROF? Is it limited to 40 BB/Sec?
  14. Has anyone got the Polarstar Fusion Engine or a Polarstar PR-15 already? I'm searching for some user experience. What Air-Rig do you use? Which tank do you use? And how many BBs can you shoot with one full tank? And can you post some pics with details?
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