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  1. Madbull dummy grenades 5.56 Magpuls Tan admin pouch.
  2. Great seller. Ships fast. Ships in a reasonable box. Free bump. RECOMMENDED!!
  3. +1 for FACSpitfire97, gave me shipping right when he sent it out. great guy, ships same day or next day.
  4. yeah man he hasn't shipped out my twist barrel either.
  5. Two of my teammates have the condor bag, on your second link, all I have to say is , get it. I really want one of those bags in tan, they are amazing, lots of padding and storage. Its a great bag and wish I got that bag before I bought my other ones.
  6. I use stock echo1 gears, with a madbull m120, and guarder high speed motor with a 11.1 lipo at a 20c discharge rate. I've gone over 25K rounds, not a single tooth has broken on the gears. Your p90 should be able to handle it, just burst fire it, I've seen teammates guns hold their full auto down and then break teeth, but if you do bursts rounds, it should be ok.
  7. Rules 1 Paypal only, buyer pays 3% 2. Prices are all "shipped" 3. Contact me Via email for quickest reply. Anth.Trinh<AT>gmail.com WTB: TM MK23 Eotech 552 or any type M4 Mid caps M4 Magpuls VFC Hi Cap for Scar Heavy Tan WTS: Echo1 G36K. has been used in one game for 3 hours. No dents scratches ore blemishes. Gun has never been opened or tinkered with. Less than 1,000 shots have gone through it. Great gun, has great range, has decent ROF. Chrono's in at around 310 with .25, which converts to 352 with .2's Selling, to get rid of all my non armalite guns. Price: 130 shipped Helmets I used these helmets in most of my games, they are great, I hated getting shot in the back of the head, these help alot. The ones that are pictured are NOT for sale, I have 3 brand new ones, still in bubble wrap from packaging. The ones that are pictured are mine and a teammates. The left picture shows the inside, you can see that its adjustable for a tight fit. and the outside is on the right. I have covers for them, only in woodland, 5 bucks extra if you want those. 25 Shipped. Parts I really don't want to ship these out, but if I have to, you're paying for shipping. I'm located in Huntington Beach. 1. ICS MP5 upper, works fine, comes with inner barrel. TM compatible, 10 bucks. 2. TM MP5 upper, works fine, comes with inner barrel, with trade marks. 15 bucks 3. ICS MP5 stock, 7 bucks. 4. TM MP5 stock, comes with butt pad. 10 bucks 5.TM MP5 Lower receiver, 5 bucks. 6.ICS MP5 Hand guard, 5 bucks. 7. M4 hand guards, painted tan, 5 bucks 8. M4 hand guards, black, 5 bucks. Prices do not include shipping. MP5 Mags These are some MP5 Mags that I don't use, they are all ICS but the one with red tape is Marui. Each for 15, all four for 45. Plus shipping Stock inner barrels Pack of nine, 20 bucks shipped. One of these was taking out of a VFC scar, another one a KWA S system, others are Echo1. The rail cover is there for size comparison purposes, and not for sale. Madbull Grenade Ball Bearings Not much to say, unused. 75 Cents each. Minimum buy is 12 Free shipping I have 2 Surefire G2 spare bulbs for 15 shipped. Perfect condition. Also I have 2 G&P scorpion spare bulbs for 17 shipped Perfect condition. CA MP5 NAVY with foldable stock. SOLD Tokyo Marui MP5K SOLD Tasco Scope, 6-29x SOLD Madbull Noveske Amplifier SOLD TM M9 Tac Master SOLD Fidragon Chrono SOLD Classic Army Metal body with CQB front SOLD G&P Red dot aim point replica SOLD CA metal hop up with inner barrel SOLD!
  8. wow, that is a beautiful rifle, im so sorry you have to sell that thing. Good luck on the sale Free bump
  9. for all buyers this rail set is from ELEMENT, NOT socom gear.
  10. I believe that sellers will migrate to another airsoft forum to sell their stuff if you begin to start charging people for posting a listing, I check many and know many of other airsoft forums just as good as ASF which allows sales to go on without a 3rd party website. I know its a bit frustrating and you guys do need money to maintain this website and forum. But I think there should be another way to receive that fund, like maybe a button that says donate via paypal below each page... because again, I do see that people will change forums if you start charging them money for listings because plenty of forums allow listing without a fee. ***EDIT BY ADMIN *** There are actually 3 ways to become an ASF "Authorized Seller" now to be allowed to list new topics and airsoft items for sale here in the "Airsoft Items For Sale" forum and one of the methods is FREE, so check the first post in this thread again please to find out. Otherwise, click here to sign up now
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