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  1. Looking for a full length g36 (6 holes in the handguard with a built in bipod) Not looking to spend $300+ on your brand new ares. Brand/ trademarks don't matter as long as it ISNT painted. Must have the scope/carry handle aswell. I don't need mags, batteries, or even a fully functional gun as long as all the parts are there and nothing is externally damaged. PM me with what you got! thanks guys.
  2. WTB intact gearbox shell from a skorpion, mac 10 or mp7. will also be looking for boneyard well r4 mp7s pm me with what you got.
  3. oh trust me I can take it, I never said I cant handle criticism. hell knowing you and how you make your builds makes me ignore just about all of your opinions because I don't like how you do things, and thats fine. but seriously didnt your mommy ever teach you " if youve got nothing good to say about it don't say anything at all" ? constructive criticism should be welcomed by all, correct, except thats not what you gave until I called you out on it. You being extremely blunt by saying it looks hideous doesnt help anyone, its just unnecessary and puts people and their ideas down. now that youve actually given some examples of WHY you think it looks hideous ill get off your case though
  4. youre such a jerk, man. all I ever see you post is criticism on peoples externals. just because it doesnt fit your snooty taste doesnt mean you have to call everything ugly. try suggestions rather than straight up "wow you gun looks like crap". I think if you either ditch the bipod or get a harris type it would look better, but otherwise I dig it.
  5. Looking to buy a stock (preferably ACM and CHEAP, but ill take almost anything) m14 outer barrel. im looking for the long version and it must come with the flash hider. let me know what you got and we can work out a price.
  6. Haahha, if you actually go through with that please post pictures.
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