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  1. understood, I as well as a few members on my team are rarely on this forum as well, so who knows how much damage has been made to our name since those ex-members left about a year ago. so I hope discussing this on a public forum with me does'nt ruin your name either...so I will let it be. at least I can't say I didn't try.
  2. well, this "bad" reputation has been created by those who are no longer in the team for what I'm understanding...and it's sad to see that "adults" will go as far as ruinning the name of a team they once had fun being in. they left by choice...one thing I'm pretty sure all teams agree with is they wish to maintain drama-free, and that's exactly what team dirty has been since those individuals left. all I wanted to accomplish by posting this topic was to find potential future team dirty members, or, find teams near by willing to exchange a few bbs. it's all in the fun of the game, it's also the only way to find out for yourselves and put these rediciulous rumors to rest. I'm not asking to leave my team neither or join another, I simply just want to play airsoft with fellow airsofters. it's a very childish act to ruin the name of another team by posting such non sense on the internet. what would the airsoft community be if every team out there disrespected another? one thing is for sure, team dirty has never posted anything negative about any other team out there on the internet. so spreading a negative reputation about us so we can't play at events is also childish...where's the honor in that. and no Will, I'm not taking it personal, airsofting is not my life, it's a fun hobby that reminds me of the old marine corps days, and I am asking you to give me a chance to show you what we are about...and if you still rather believe the "reputation"...then so be it, no harm taken, and I will carry on elsewhere.
  3. REP?...hmm, well that's quite an honor to have one on this side of the water so soon. but I completly understand where you're coming from, maybe my ad seemed a bit too intense and vulgar for the younger crowd, excuse me for that, most of us are ex marines and play like we've faught once in a distant past. but with that said, I would love to recon your field sometime without the intention to recruit but only to play within your guidelines with your permission of course. my cousin is 14 years old, and he loves to play...he's truly new to the sport, maybe you guys can show him a thing or two. thanks for your response.
  4. hahahahaha...I like that idea!
  5. I've owned a few JGs and was never dissapointed, then I bought my first echo 1, and been buying them ever since. I now own the echo 1 AK47 CPW and it's 90% metal, weighs 10 lbs...its the best aeg I've ever bought. the JG AK47 you're looking at is a great choice, I'd buy it, can't beat the price and it seems like a good gun, beginner or not!
  6. I am looking to start a Bremerton/Kitsap county chapter of Team Dirty. I have moved from the Seattle/Bothel side of the water just recently and haven't found any already existing fields with teams to play with around here. so, with that said, I would love to find a group of guys who: - aren't afraid to talk s**t to eachother. - don't get butt-hurt. - use common sence. - have a great sense of humor. - play with integrity (otherwise stick to paintball). - are over the age of 18 (kids just don't call their hits if it don't hurt). - have their own equipment. - don't come up with bulls**t excuses on why they can never make it to games. - don't whine and complain all the time. - aren't afraid to speak up. - play with intensity. - enjoy the game. there's a saying in our team: "it's one thing to earn your patch, and another to keep it". we've learned over the last couple of years that once a player has earned his/her patch, certain of them would'nt come to games anymore, or would go play at events without informing the rest of us...which made us wonder why that individual was even on a team in the first place? anywho, with that in mind, I am hoping to find a group of guys that fit those little requirements, it isn't hard just be yourself...we love individuality, it makes a team stronger, each person is different and can always bring something new to the plate which will make us victorious on the battlefield. within our first year of growing, Team Dirty had 19 players. after close to two years, we are now 8. us 8 can take on greater numbers of adversaries as proven numerous times at Thrasher's Corner and Holy Romania in the Bothell Lynnwood area. we are a tight group of guys who play with intensity and commonsence. those two traits make for great team work. so, if interested, please reply to this and we can start getting some BBs down range!
  7. Who in the hell said it was ok to bring a riot shield to a woodland field. seriously, every time I hit a field, old or new, there's a couple of kids with riot shields...enough with the modern warfare 2 personas already. when my team and I play, we place the rules that any hit counts. think about it, it's airsoft, as a player you are carrying around a real looking gun, so play as if it was a real combat scenario...your gun gets hit, it's out of the game, if you don't have a secondary weapon on you (pistol or shotgun) then you're out of the game...period. unlike in call of duty: modern warfare 2, a real riot shield is NOT bullet proof...it's made out of polycarbonate and plexiglass. so, if that shield gets hit by a BB, it is out of the game and so are you! this is one of the reasons why I don't think that kids should play this game! stick to paintball.
  8. alot of good recommendations I see here...I just bought a used TM AK47BETA for my cousin and it needs some lovin' too...$50. he has around the same bugdet you're looking at for upgrades. I would look at the nozzle first and dictate if it needs to be replaced...if not, then don't bother. my cousin also wants more range out of his gun...so I would recommend getting the madbull tight bore barrel, and the systema bucking..that right there is $35 spent well. but, if you're looking for more FPS nad relability...$60 ain't gonna cut it..and as posted by the rest of the crew up here...element isn't quite known for their reliability...remember, in airsoft like anywhere else, you get what you pay for! personally, I've bought my first echo 1 a year ago (ak47 cpw) and only put a red dot and foldable foregrip and a custom snake skin paint job...never touched it, and it still performs like new...sometimes it's best to leave the internals alone until they don't work anymore!
  9. I've just recently ordered the systema 60% bucking and the SCS nub...once I've received it, I've slapped it all together in my ECHO1 G36 K/E...after winding the hop up all the way up, I've noticed the nub was barely pushing down on the bucking...so I figured I try to fire a few rounds! yeah, it was sad...with the hop up all the way up, the 0.25g bb barely hit 100 feet. so I put the stock bucking and nub back on and it shoots pefectly! So much for the number one Bucking & Nub set up!
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