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    Mostly Stock BAR10 with some DIY mods and homemade parts, SP130 spring: 500+ FPS ECHO1 Task Force MP5 with TBB and Gaurder Hop-up
  1. Youre cherry picking quotes and presenting them out of context. Again, pathetic. Using the dremel produced positive results, it did not chew up the patch like you claim. "Oblique Threats" Liar. I edited my name out of the original post with the email exchange with in seconds of posting it. nissanztt90 and mad scientist are my handles and have been for a long time. Thats it, nothing else, no physics anything or whoever else you thought I was. "because I ship out replacements/extras for users who are struggling all the time," And here we have the reason I approached you in the first place. Within the first few email exchanges, before anything escalated what so ever, your exact words were "of course you can purchase more patches if youre unhappy." Youre full of it man. In case you were wondering, thats the message that triggered this. YOU started this. Im not an or the bad person youre trying to make me out to be, I give plenty of people very useful advice where ever I can, and much of it happens to mimic the advice you give. SO much of what you posted is so wrong about me its not funny. You told me to pound sand right in the beginning. You wanna make a peace offering? Im listening. EDIT: And if you have anything else to say, PM me and stop shitting up this dudes thread.
  2. You can call it black mail all day. The fact remains that I asked you to replace a cheap pos product, and now your attempting to shame me for sharing my experience. Youre pathetic. And by "muted by admins" on ASM, I think you mean you banned me for spreading the word on how bad youre ripping people off. Try not to clutter up the rest of this thread with the between you and I...because...I actually did try to help him...help him not get ripped off. I suggested the patch was a waste because it takes more than a smile and a squeeze of the trigger to hit something with a pistol at 100 feet, nevermind 200 feet (and nevermind with 4inches of barrel and nothing to shoulder with)...not just to rain on your parade. Might wanna hop off that high horse, but to be fair, yes I missed where he said SKAG was installing. PS, ive successfully installed plenty of my own patches. Glad to see my post got your jimmies (or do you wear knickers?) in a bunch though. Might want to back off on the doxxing too. Could very easily get back to you some day. Toodles.
  3. Youll be largely wasting your time with an r-hop in a pistol. If you want to try though read this first: http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/32-gener...e-material.html It will take you more than 1 try, and I would strongly urge you not to support a business that feels a mark up on the order of 10,000% is acceptable. 1 foot of tubing costs .80 cents... a sharp x-acto knife slices it like butter. Very easy to cut and make your own.
  4. 424fps with an m140...with .2's? And why would you lap a prometheus barrel?
  5. More consistent hop, maybe a little more range.
  6. I have an m130 that made the "twang". I recently took the gearbox apart for a rebuild, put some heavy grease on the spring guide, used the spring to spread it around evenly....no more twang.
  7. You can make a stock BAR-10 do that for relatively little money...range and accuracy come from tweaking and tuning and mostly free mods...not just dumping stonger parts and stronger spring in.
  8. Kinda hard to say with out knowing what bucking you have in there, but, that bucking is regarded as one of the best, and youll need a new bucking eventually regardless so...id say it wasnt a waste of money.
  9. You can skip the cylinder set. The G&P will be fine for now, except maybe the piston. You also might be able to get away with an m140 and perfect compression. I had my G&P gearbox doing ~475 with an m130 and perfect compression. Id also get a 6.03mm tbb, prometheus, and 509mm or less. You can flat hop any bucking right off the bat for now. Motor is an average high torque motor, I have one, it does its job...with 35% off at airsplat right now, 30 bucks for that motor is well worth it. In the end, what will make it a good DMR is this: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Miscella...Tw-t220266.html
  10. You guys check dates? No...no you don't. totoyeahwhat123 - Last Seen: 31st August 2013 - 01:43 PM
  11. Get a madbull v2 instead. Youve got some brown on your nose.
  12. You just typed up a bunch of well known general info thats been repeated ad nauseum.
  13. Id go for a JG M4 before a G&G CM. As for batteries check out hobbyking.com. Grab a 7.4v nunchuck lipo. You are not correct about cutting and taping batteries with electrical tape. don't modify batteries unless you know exactly what youre doing. Its hard to know what you can upgrade without knowing exactly what gun you have but generally the best tweaks like gear shimming, rewire with deans, compression mods, better motor, tbb and better hop up rubber/flat hop should be easily applied to nearly any gearbox/gun.
  14. Im really surprised youve participated in this cj for so long.
  15. That would be pretty visually obvious when you slid the shrink wrap on...and you would have needed a ton of solder for that to happen.
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