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  1. No wonder I had so many issues finding RLCS gear... You have it all. And thats it, I want ranger green gear again. Not all RCLS or anything (I'm more attached to other gear companies now), but it just looks so good. But if you ever feel the need to pawn some of it off... I'm here. Really cool pics. I would like to see how you have your gear set up though.
  2. As game staff at a major field.... Egos, not calling hits are big ones, but the biggest issue? Airsofters don't listen. Its almost god damn impossible to do a brief and not have people "forget" or feign attention and then be retarded on the field.
  3. If you file a claim, you will win, no matter what. Paypal is retarded in that way.
  4. Well, I figure I might as well. I work at a local airsoft field and I am active per say in the "industry." I was a judge in the Summer 2011 build off as well. Other fun facts about me is that living in CA is bitter sweet. No where else am I so neutered in my ability to shoot real fire arms, but so able to play with toy ones, especially being so close to the two largest AS retailers in the country and some of the largest OPs. Honestly, I just want to see whats the hubbub about. The little elite tag under my name will make me feel cool as well.
  5. Ironic, the best in show winner said he would never return before the contest was over and hasn't... lol. Thanks Ace of Spades. I will say this: I judged on creativity in the gun, the builders concept and if/how it was realized, and stats. I started with everything at 5 points, and then went up or down accordingly. If it looked like something I have seen a MILLION times before (and, working at an airsoft field means I see a whole lot of guns), I marked it down. If someone built a gun that had a specific purpose in mind while being built that was realized at the end, I gave them more points. Stats was the final thing I looked at, and it typically did not mark down for it. I found it worked well for me. And, I'm just going to throw out that participants of this last build off should NOT be allowed to be judges for the next one. Any one who feels wrongly judged will most likely have a bias as a judge.
  6. I suggest going to the SoCal Airsoft website. All the fields are listed there and its a good way to find local players.
  7. Guns have been judged by me. Good job to everyone that participated and took the time to submit their guns. I had some cool stuff as well, but I can save those guns for now.
  8. The SR 635 is in good condition and shoots awesome for a nearly stock gun with 0 hop up upgrades and the like. I want this thing fairly soon, so PM me with offers. I value the SR at about $300-$325. Note: PM me fast, as I could close a deal in a day or two. I just want to see if I can get an SR25 out of this.
  9. The SR 635 is in good condition and shoots awesome for a nearly stock gun with 0 hop up upgrades and the like. I want this thing fairly soon, so PM me with offers. I value the SR at about $300-$325
  10. The SR 15 is awesome. I got to shoot the one being sold here this weekend, easily pegs people at 250 feet.
  11. $1 canadian dollar is an acceptable substitute. The way I see it, the ad hominum attacks flying all over the place are unnecessary. Honestly logical, complaining won't solve anything. This seems like a sympathy post to me, where its possible to modify the facts of a transaction with out the other sides inputs. Granted, you didn't provide the names, but I am pretty sure you didn't expect one of the people in this post to come around.
  12. Depends on asking price and where you are geographically. If you happen to live in the LA county area, contact me.
  13. $20 extra for a host of features, including internal pads (worth it if you play in dangerous areas) and you look high speed as phuck all? Sounds like a plan if you can dump the cash into it.
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