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  1. I know that I need to use 134a gas because my hicapa is stock and has a plastic slide. Am I good to go if I buy some duster gas and slap on an adaptor? Also, I'm confused on whether or not I should be adding silicone oil to the gas or not. I would also like to add in an un-related question for anyone that may know. I used to have a hicapa and it did not come with an orange tip out of the box however the one I have now does. Does anyone know a good way to remove the tip?
  2. I believe its a 6 inch Colt Python. I don't really have any experience with revolvers. I'm looking for something of pretty decent quality. Thanks
  3. I think you're right. I put a screwdriver in between the hammer and it released the slide. Which parts are involved here? The hammer and which sear?
  4. I disassembled and reassembled the hop-up unit. Turns out the hop-up arm was not applying pressure to the bucking. Works now.
  5. I disassembled the M9 and found the trigger spring broken like I suspected. Are you talking about the trigger sear? Where are some of the other trouble parts I can check? As far as the 1911 I went to disassemble the slide, but even when I removed the slide stop it was still stuck in a slightly forward position like I showed in the original post. Any ideas?
  6. This gun came along with a fully loaded plate carrier that I purchased off of eBay. So the guy said he tested it recently and it functions perfectly...when I got it it fed fine on both semi/full-auto, but the BB's all dropped immediately within 5-10ft. Anyone know whats wrong? Seems like there may be a problem with the hop-up system. I adjusted it all the way up and down and everywhere in between and nothing changed. What do you think?
  7. I purchased a package deal with a few guns and a loaded plate carrier on eBay. The guy said the magazine was leaky and it has a broken trigger spring. I took the gun out for a test fire w/ canned green gas. The magazine hissed some and seemed leaky while I was filling. When I fired the gun a round or two would go off and then it would kick into full auto, around that time or a little after it would dump all the gas into the chamber. Are all of these problems related to a leaky magazine and a broken trigger spring? The Nighthawk m1911 I believe is made by WE as well and its magazine seems solid. However I couldn't get it to shoot because the slide caught halfway down and I can't get it to go completely forward. Can this one be solved by slide lubrication? The pictures show where it can be locked and the where it sticks. I don't have much experience working on GBB pistols. Thanks for your help!
  8. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=17900 I don't have to reiterate to much but the main things for me are: licensed McMillan stock which looks solidly build out of polymer (welcome improvement over VSR and Bar 10 stock bodies), completely upgradeable besides the trigger unit, however I think it comes with a zero trigger equivalent, 420-430 out of the box. Negatives are the magazine trap door (Looks sort of stupid and I bet it would be a pain to fumble with on the field), and of course the trigger unit if it turns out to be an issue after modification. So seeing as its "by VFC" the externals are going to be very nice. I'm seriously thinking about getting this rifle and trying it out. Airsoftgi sold out within two weeks of stocking them though. I'm really mostly surprised to see any sort of VSR-10 aftermarket stock that isn't non-existent or going for $300 by itself. Because I haven't been very active in airsoft, or this forum, for a period of about two years. Good to see some more diversity on the market. Thoughts? Experiences? Comments? As always, Thanks!
  9. I PM'd you. Wondering about a few things. Thanks
  10. I'm going to go for coyote brown for my PC and get woodland marpat to go along with my desert. I like the marpats so I'm glad they work well. As far as brands of PCs I think I will try and stick with pantac or something of similar quality. What other solid brands are out there?
  11. The only problem that I have is that I don't think I will blend in that well with desert marpat in the Texas summer. However, I think coyote brown may be my best option because I will probably be getting woodland marpat too because I like both. I will probably get a set of Multicam eventually and the only thing I see on American soldiers tends to be multi cam carriers and gear but, I do think coyote would look fine from what I can tell.
  12. Do you have any preferences as far as PC's and brands go?
  13. So I already have some desert marpat BDUs and I know that a coyote/tan color works best with them. However, I also have some woodland BDUs that I would like to wear interchangeably with my vest. Im thinking that a coyote color would look okay with woodland too but I wanted some opinions. Thanks As far PC's go, I've looked a little and I'm motivated to not get condor and to stay with a higher quality company like flyye or pantac. The Flyye FAPC does looks pretty nice. Im looking for lightweight most of all I only want to carry 4-5 mags, a camelback, and a little more while staying with a PC. Feel free to suggest other plate carriers that would fit this bill. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
  14. Bump!! following items sold: piston, piston head, gears and spring guide Any offers on remaining half?
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