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  1. I think he said that the one he recieved doesnt have working elevation knobs.
  2. Please PM me if you have a 4x ACOG style sight that you would be willing to sell.
  3. Lol. Anyway gun is sold.
  4. Ehh I don't think I'll ever sell that A&K Masada. Not even if I get the PTS acr or a PTW. It will make a very nice back up gun. But in the off chance I do I'll try to remeber you.
  5. Gun SPT. And yes the ACR will be nice. Iv actually been considering saving for it rather than saving for a PTW. But so far PTW seems like it's gonna win.
  6. PM's replied. A good bit of interest right now, one offer I'm strongly considering. Also I'll get some new picks up of it with the holster hopefully sometime today. Also in my first post I forgot to mention that the holster is Coyote Brown or Tan. Something tells me this will be gone by tomorrow or tonight so hurry up and offer.
  7. Now he Masada is even better looking :). It has been through TONS of mud, and now it looks battle scarred. BTW if any of you guys get a chance to own the masada buy it. Trust me it wont let you down.
  8. Ok iv decided that this MP7 has to go. I just don't use it enough. Its an awsome gun, very fun to use, but I havnt used it enough and don't plan to use it much more. It works great, except for the bolt catch (it works about half the time, KWA designed it wierd). The gun is in great condition, it has been lubed after every game. Also the only wear marks would be on the stock (the paint it coming off a bit). TRADES: -Tokyo Marui High-Capa 4.3, or 5.1 (upgraded, and with at least 1 mag) -Puxing Radio (with headset, and PTT stuff, also money would also need to be included) -Money -Offer up, worst I can say is no. Includes: -KWA MP7 -1 KWA MP7 mag -Pantac Universal Holster (fitted for MP7) -Allice Belt (To hold the holster) -Original Box Price: for all this I was hoping for around $230 (Iv spent about $300 on everything). But offer up. Pictures: Masada not for sale. MP7 will come with orange tip. Also I figured I would add the serial number for this thing: 09800521 (521st made!!!) http://www.sportsonlyauction.com/detail.asp?id=245864
  9. Send me offers, preferably with at least 6 mags and one battery. But offer up.
  10. Thanks Slagtron. Well MP5 is sold and iv decided to keep the SR16 for a backup gun. So mods next time you get a chance lock this thread.
  11. Ok been a while since I bumped but I was talking to NGOB. And as said before I did NOT make another account. One day when my friend was over friends name was Trent. I was showing him this website because he wanted to buy a couple things. But the things was he didn't have an account, and he didn't want to use mine because he wanted to be able to get on at home. So I helped make him an account. And that's why his account was made on my computer. Also when he was first getting into airsoft I sold him my JG M16. That was the buisness that I did with him.
  12. I am the first owner of the SR16. And second owner of the MP5. I bought the MP5 from Newold. And 6mm message sent to you. Don't thread crap, because I did NOT make a second account. I did do buisness with him. Also as said before MP5 is SPF.
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