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  1. Looking for upgraded gun...nothing very specific. HMU
  2. Hey guys open to a lot of different DMR set ups hmu and let me know what you have Im willing to pay using paypal
  3. TITLE^^ PM me with what you have!!!
  4. Does anyone know if there is a thread adapter I can buy to fit on the barrel of a CA SR25? Thanks
  5. I really want JBU or Magpul rail covers but let me know what you have! Thanks
  6. I'm not very good with paintjobs and I'm looking for someone who would do it for me. I have a Classic Army SR25 and I want it to have a desert paintjob, but also look worn. PM me! ***I think this is the right forum for this thread***
  7. I really want a UTG bipod but all offers will definately be considered.
  8. I'm looking for any type of DMR. Preferably an AUG or SR25. I have a Xbox 360 and a PSP to trade. Send me your offers!!!
  9. I just installed a Madbull tightbore in my M4 and sometimes when I shoot, a BB just rolls out of the barrel...I'm using some crappy crossman .2 bios so could that be the issue? Or the hop-up spacer sticking out too much into the barrel? I'm new to the whole "upgrade my own gun" thing so I apologize for this question lol. Thanks
  10. I was changing my barrel to a tightbore and when I tried to fire the gun it did nothing...no click...nothing at all. What could have happened in the process of changing the barrel?
  11. Thanks guys...and <AT> Eat my M4, lolz...let me know what happens.
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