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  1. Sorry about the video. My 13 year old nephew shot it. Chris is working to get a professional videographer out there in the next couple weeks.
  2. Products from respected companies would be fine. Nothing caustic of course (I.e. no tear gas) but smokes would add some nice realism to the scenarios.
  3. I agree then, I don't want to be a lab rat for some guys experiments either!
  4. Thanks again, that's exactly the type of feedback we're looking for! 1) Ranges vs FPS will be tough to judge during play though, that's why we went with the two limits. I see your point though, a 500 fps SYSTEMA at 15ft is much different than a 350 fps JG. 2) We haven't considered ranks yet. That's a cool idea. We're also creating a field club. Annual dues will get you free field fees and special discounts on retail products. 3) By pyro do you mean flammables like smokes, or everything? We've allowed gas powered grenades, BB showers and flash bangs with no complaints. VR/ Ken
  5. Age limit: Under 18 requires a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. All others will need to sign a waiver on the first visit which will be kept on file for future visits. Those under 16 are required to be accompanied by a player 18 or over. So far there aren't any rules as far as FPS and ammo types. We're still feeling out what customers prefer and so far haven't had any complaints. That being said, safety is our first priority. We call "safety kill" inside 15 ft for rifles and inside 9 ft for pistols. All players and staff are required to have eye protection on during game play. We have received feedback from one team that they wouldn't play if aluminum BBs were allowed on the field. Seeing what kind of damage they can do I tend to agree. We're looking to have nice gentlemanly games so that everyone can walk away with a great experience. I'll talk to the webmaster about getting a copy of the waiver and more basic information posted to the site. Thanks for the question. Any other input is greatly appreciated. VR/ Ken
  6. A new field has opened in Virginia Beach. Check out the site at http://www.VBAirsoft.com. It's tough to find the first time but it is listed on Google Maps and worth the drive. The field is approximately 30 acres with woods, open fields and a small CQB town. Phase one of construction is complete so the town is now 20,000 sq ft with a dozen multi-roomed and one 2 story building. By phase three the town will be four times that size. The games are based on a year long running scenario so you won't be playing Capture-the-Flag every weekend. Play starts at 11am on Sundays and admission is $15 which includes lunch and a drink. The Barn has bathrooms and electricity so bring you chargers or use one of ours for a small fee. We have a retail shop on site provided by Bubblehead's Airsoft Supply. They have weapons, ammo and accessories available. See their site for prices: http://www.BubbleheadsAirsoftSupply.com (Same price on the field as on the site). We are also adding an upgrade/repair shop, but until then tools are available for quick fixes. If you have any questions, contact Chris or Ken See you Sunday! Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads
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