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  1. The M14 EBR/MC projects were solely to find a use for the M14s... it didn't really turn out that great The M14 EBRs look cool in video games and in pictures online - that's about it. The whole idea was to make use of a set of guns that weren't being used by making them in to an accurized DMR. Problem is, they aren't inheritably accurate. Now I get it that this is airsoft, but keep in mind some things translate over such as weight and the EBR config is around 14lbs. Additional drawbacks include the ergonomics and tilt magazine. If you must go for a M14, I used to own a CA EBR Scout and that was a great gun. Great performance and decent externals. I would consider CA (especially with their new price cut, see evike.com) or the G&P version only if you get it through guges as I've seen way to many issues with non-spec rails with them
  2. If you plan on playing CQB as well as outdoor, just get a Marui. That "$1 gun" you posted is a POS. $~200 shipped http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/tokyo-mauri...ml#.UvM4ok-UND8
  3. This has to be a joke. The DBOY/ECHO 1 SCAR was complete garbage, both externally and internally. Don't even get me started on that POS. Mine was replaced by a local store twice before I just said screw it and got something else (this was 6? years ago and thank god I purchased through an honorable retailer). Classic Army makes some great M4 series for the money (although I agree with VFC's price lowering, CA is harder to recommend). CA's Sportline are great values. Internally they are pretty good and the externals are good as well. I wish the CA SCAR sportline was available when I first started playing. Obviously the VFC is better (and the Marui is better than that one), however at under $200, the CA SCAR is hard to contest with. Go with it, you'll be happy.
  4. If you are going with the KWA ERG, wait a couple months for the 2014 version to come out. It will be wired to the rear.
  5. Everyone who's been in the game knows Echo 1 1) rebrands almost all their guns and 2) they flat out try to deceit others that they don't rebrand Here's how Echo 1 works in modern day: Echo 1 works closely with Chinese manufactures to develop their guns (or a Taiwanese one like VFC). At the same time, the manufacture will be releasing an OEM version. So what you have is the base gun essentially coming from the same maker, just the Echo 1 model may have a few different things internally, as well as come with different accessories. They are in fact the same gun. Same specs in terms of dimensions and external parts. Mostly the same internally as well. Echo 1's rep. is laughable at best in terms of how unprofessional he acts - and it's always been this way What Echo 1 tries to put over your head is that they don't rebrand because they are not buying the base gun and then putting their name on it, or even changing some parts and putting their name on it. Instead what they do is have the OEM manufacture make the OEM gun AND the Echo 1 gun which has some things specified to be different. Echo 1 can word it however they want, they are a rebrand company and while some of their stuff IS a decent value, a lot of it is pure over priced junk (ER-25 for example) Anyone remember the Echo 1 ER-16? The crappy ACM SR-16 that they tried to put out but discontinued within like a month cause they were getting too high of a return rate? Haha
  6. Something to note is years ago I know E90s had a different magazine size spec and would not take TM or MAG mags. So unless they changed that, you probably can't use then in the AR57 - which means the gun is ultra dumb as TM and MAG are the only reliable P90 mags I've ever seen
  7. On par for different reasons. The Tokyo Marui, left stock and used correctly, will outlast any of them. That and Marui's high cycle rate of fire version is what makes them so special. FPS is around 300 but the good hop-up they have will bring them close to the VFC range. The VFC has everything metal where it should be and the correct specs, at least better than the rest. Good performance all around and pretty reliable. Both are good, just depends what you want. Sounds like you rather have the speed and metal receiver, in which case the VFC is what you want. Here is the Marui, http://echigoya-guns.com/guns/index.php?ro...p;product_id=90 Like I said, for the Marui, you have to bring them in the country yourself like from Japan ETA: For the record, I've owned or have had experiences with the ICS, G&G, JG, UTG, Classic Army, Tokyo Marui MP5s. Ones I personally owned were the ICS, UTG, and Marui. The VFC M4s I've seen have really taken the market, and a quick search shows the MP5s being no different. You have to understand these brands making MP5s did not all just show up at once. For a while, CA and Marui competed, G&G and ICS came giving us a MP5 like the CA, but more reliable, however in recent years not only did VFC come out with an MP5, but their guns have become much cheaper than they used to be, kind of making G&G and ICS obsolete IMO as you seem to get more with VFC at the same price more or less
  8. Popular brands that make or have made an MP5 AEG: UTG < JG < CYMA, Echo 1 < Classic Army < G&G, ICS < VFC, Tokyo Marui *Systema Now most if not all still make their MP5s, however the difficulty is in the U.S., the ones sold here are only H&K licensed so that takes quite a few out of the equation. Basically what you will find are Echo 1 loosely based MP5s, ICS GSG based models, G&G MP5s (blow back or not), and VFC MP5s like the one you posted in the link. Since you linked it, I assume you are okay with the price and yes, get the VFC one you see there. One thing about MP5 airsoft guns is be sure to buy extra mags of the same brand of MP5 that you buy as almost all of them are to different spec. The VFC model you have there has the best external quality and pretty good internals and hop-up.
  9. People care cause he rips others off and takes advantage of young kids new to airsoft and don't know any better. As for his store, his Paypal account was shutdown and he shutdown his webpage, however he has been doing his famous scam routine through selling on Youtube and using his dad's Paypal account.
  10. I personally would go with the G&G as the externals are much better than JG, and the guns just perform better stock in general in my experience (better sound, better motor, better hop-up). Back in the day (but not too far back in the day XD), JG was the starter gun to get. There are so many better cheap-gun options today IMO, except for maybe the G36 series. The comment about G&G CM taking a turn for a decline may be true, it's been a couple years since we last had one of them. My recommendations would be the G&G Combat Machines, Classic Army Sportline M4s, ICS Sportline, KWA Sportline, or the ARES Sportline M4s - although I have no personal experience with the ARES, just heard good things about them for what they are. When people upgrade JG guns, it's like polishing a turd. They upgrade them and they may be great on the inside after changing almost everything, however the externals are just pure garbage right down to the magazine. Yeah, the Sportlines I mention don't have aluminum receivers, however their nylon receivers seem to break less than the potmetal ACM or JG ABS.
  11. The ER-25K is perhaps Echo 1's most over priced gun. The $300 price tag is ridiculous considering it's a JG rebrand (not A&K) made of crude and cheap externals. Get the Classic Army. It's not only much better externally, but it is also cheaper. Go figure
  12. Ares is your only real option for a Tavor. MP5 wise, ICS makes a great one.
  13. Ares is updating their proline this year with their ETC unit so if you get the Ares, I'd wait. The Ares version is more realistic in spec and some nifty features and while has some proprietary parts, it still is the "better" one if you are an upgrader (KWA has a lot of proprietary making it hard to upgrade). If you just want a great performing and reliable gun then get the KWA as it is considerably better than the ARES in this category. From the sound of it, I imagine you'd be happy with both, but probably a little more happier with the KWA.
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