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    Airsoft, guitar, mechanic work, welding, photography, RC, and doctor visists....

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    2, 1, 7, 14
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    Aftermath AK-47 A&K M60vn Tokyo Marui Scorpion Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle Galaxy MP5K JG AK Beta KWA M9 JG AUG A1

About Me

I've been into airsoft for.....four years? Maybe five, I'm basically just counting when I got my first AEG, which was an Aftermath Kraken. I had managed to scrounge up $90 and was in a Sporting good store, stuck between the AK and some other clear gun (G3?). Back then it was metal gearbox or more money for BB's. Thank god I got the AK which turned out to be a CM.028 ripoff and let me start working on it. I first took it apart a few times, got it back together. It eventually stopped firing and one day, after many months, I poped it open to find the trigger contacts goo'd. Cleaned them off and I was back to king of the airsoft world with my friends, who hadn't developed into the sport like I did.

Years later, and after much more self taught tech work I found a group of military guys that also played. From the start I didn't have a happy rep with them (I was the little guy), but after returning a TSD shotgun to one of them they all seemed to warm up. My friend had won $200 in a school contest and we ended up going "gun shopping" over XBox live. He ended up with an Echo 1 P90 which I've been trying to convince him to upgrade, but alas.

I eventually joined ASF and have played a few fields in the lower 48's which have taught me alot about different AEG's and how much alot of kids don't know how to work on guns.


Aside from my airsoft career, I went through a high school of 500 kids, never had a fight, GPA was 3.8, and I never once drank/got cracked up the whazoo. About my Sophomore year I got a job at the theater as a concession working and eventually replaced one of the filmworkers who...failed. I worked with three others for awhile, but they started leaving/getting fired and I was finally the last one. For the next year I did all the filmwork and since I liked to work on things I also did alot of maintenance work. I left July/2010 to go South with my mom to her parents house so she could take care of them while I took a part time job, attended community college, and realized there's only ONE field nearby.......and it's an hour away......

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