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  1. At the end. Quiets down bolt actions quite a bit. I still want to try a very quiet build
  2. I'd like to try one out. Never done one before.
  3. I've seen a couple posts about airbrake aeg's, but they didn't really go into a lot of detail. Any experiences?
  4. Looking to buy a full cylinder and metal bushings for my aug. PM me with what you've got! C:
  5. Never heard of a metal body for FAMAS, but you can get parts guns on ebay for pretty cheap.
  6. Most all the issues on the UAR could be solved with a couple quick tweaks. I had one from a trade and it really was not a bad gun. The magwell problem requires removing a little plastic and the trigger had an adjustment screw to take the slack out. It's just an AK gearbox in there with an AK trigger. As far as a battery goes just get good stick or a PEQ box. Alas, people just want more M4's...
  7. You can put a little ramp in the box that helps feeding. Google 'airsoft p90 highcap fix' Then go to images
  8. I have a set of those in my dmr. There quite a few years old and I've noticed about half the shaft on the sector gear has the chrome worn away to reveal brass or copper under the shaft. They are a few years old though. Shimming took longer. Not much or a difference in sound.
  9. I've been setting my motor height by holding the trigger and tightening until it begins to whine, then back off to just after it goes away. Shouldn't take more than a couple seconds.
  10. Guys. http://www.theoringstore.com/ Go for buna 70 in metric. They have a really wide range of sizes you gan order in small amounts. I couldn't get the rings that go in the fill valve, but you might be able to get the other ring sizes.
  11. Apparently there's definitely suppose to be a spring in there. Talked to a friend that used to have one and theres a divet where a slring should be. http://imgur.com/O7iKb2m http://imgur.com/CXrvRRU I've had gas guns before, but no Well's.
  12. Its not the release valve actually, that's under the brass bit. This seems to regulate where the gas goes into the gun as Well decided to not use a rocket valve
  13. I got a Well MP5k for doing some tech work. I think the gun is all good and I have o rings coming for the mag. But I noticed there's this brass plug in the top of the mag. http://imgur.com/oZggaca It moves between the two slots easily where one slot sends gas to the bb and the other the blowback. The gun isn't pushing bbs out very hard and I'm guessing this is the culprit, but now sure how it should go in or if it should have a spring in it?
  14. I'd take that used TM stock gear set for $10+shipping?
  15. The KWC's aren't that great to begin with. Put it under water with gas in it and you'll find the leak.
  16. Looking to buy a few used MP5k magazines for a Gas Well G-55. New they're around $20-25 so was thinking $10-15 for used. I'll pay shipping obviously. PM me! c:
  17. Battery could be too weak, spring compresses too far, or piston teeth don't mesh. For the last one, put the gears and piston in, but without the cylinder so you can move the piston along the gear teeth freely (No sspring or AR latch). Some pistons don't play well with some gears and will get chewed up very quickly.
  18. *UPDATE* Don't plastidip your rails or any areas that have edges (Like on a grip. It is a pain to get out of the little cracks properly when it begins to peel away at the edges. However, grips with round surfaces (Like MP5's) would likely be fine as even if it does begin to peel it much easier to remove and replace. Rails on the other hand require peeling a strip from each individual groove.
  19. Realized I've made a couple mistakes with this circuit. Firstly; This circuit needs a kickback diode across the motor terminals. The guns I set up before had mosfets which already had these in them. Basically, get a 1n4007 or VSB2200S and have in it parallel with the motor so that it won't conduct when in normal use. When the motor stops spinning the coils produce an inducted reverse voltage that can quickly kill the NPN transistor. The diode is meant to stop this. Secondly; Not use if the LED's changed over the years, but you need to use a 30-ohm resistor instead of a 10-ohm. This runs the LED's at their rated 20 mA instead of 60. If you want a snappier response you can go with a 20-ohm resistor that should put it at 30mA which may shorten the life of the LED's, but if they're only run during short trigger shots and not continuously it may last.
  20. Yeah, this one has it in the top. Probably balances it a little better, but makes opening it that much more time consuming. I'm actually still having issues getting pince jams with this one. Not sure if it's common with these hop up units or if I need to try a different bucking :/ And I probably won't plastidip any other guns. The rubber on the mag top is already gone and some of the edges aren't doing to great. It'd probably work better on a more basic gun like a shotgun or something.
  21. Load a bb into the hop up, flip gun upside down, put a piece of paper over the tube and fire. If you have a leak between your bucking and nozzle, the paper will puff away Also make sure you tappet plate isnt pushing you hop up around, same with mag in magwell
  22. Edit: I gubered it and hit post twice.
  23. Ive used rustoleum and krylon. Prime first, then base, then clear coat. Make sure to go easy on the paintt for about a mo th while it cures. Stuff seems to be delicate when you can still smell it
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