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  1. Not to mention if you puncture a LiPo they pretty much turn into an incendiary smoke grenade. Unless they've done the research they should NOT be using LiPo's.
  2. Meh, I've got a sorbopad and a silent piston head in my AK. It kinda makes a difference, but if you have a metal cylinder head it won't help much. It also doesn't matter for full-auto setups.
  3. Need a G3 selector. let me know what you've got!
  4. I've got a gun for a customer that needs a new bucking. The one in it is shredded and jamming and I have a feeling he won't want a new PDI chamber for it ,unless someone can give me an offer for one of those that he'll be fine with. Thanks!
  5. The advantage of a 7.4v over a 9.6v is really only if your gun is maxing out your 9.6v. However, Lipo's keep providing the same current for longer unlike NiMH's so the same mah battery would be useable longer. This curve also doesn't change as bad with a Lipo as, even if it wears down and can only spit out 75% of it's max current of 100amps, it'll still provide more than enough for an airsoft gun. If your gun is using one of those crappy stock gray motors and shoots ~300fps then chances are your NiMh isn't really maxing out.
  6. If you could get them for not $16 would you try them?
  7. Just an FYI, your inbox is full. On a related note, you wouldn't happen to have any MP7/Skorpion GB shells still now would you?
  8. I've got a task force MP7 that needs a new GB shell. The GB for a skorpion is the same. If you have a TM shell that would be preferred, but any non-cracked shell will work.
  9. Yeah, the SHS's seem to suck alot of power, how's the performance on it though? If it's simply stock then somethings really wrong, but if it's pushing 30 RPS at 400 fps with stock gears then it's probably overloading.
  10. I'm looking for; -1x v.2 TM compatible gearbox shell in 6mm bushings -2x pistons, preferably SHS, but the nylon stock types are fine -2x piston heads, non-stock type Metal or plastic -2x Unused systema buckings -1x Sector clip Thanks
  11. CYMA has a metal MP5k out for around $150. I've thought about getting one of those and upgrading, then selling off the 'galaxy' one.
  12. Factory defect unless the gun's 20 years old. I've seen this happen on a gun a guy paid $700 bucks for.
  13. Hey, have you sent out that gearbox yet? It's been over two weeks now.
  14. I wouldn't glue them in place. Worked on a gearbox that had the bushings glued in place. Works ok, but it either needs to NEVER let the bushings move or they need to be able to pop in and out freely. What happened was the glue made them tight enough so that they could pop in enough to make the gun seem very overshimmed, but not loose enough so that they could just pop back out like in the original shimming.
  15. Another busted v.3 gearbox. You deserve a medal those things are usually pretty hardy.
  16. Paintballs work in CQB, but in field even if you do hit them, they're far enough away that you can't tell you hit them.
  17. I've got an SHS high speed in my M60 with standard gears. On the 74.v lipo is has plenty of torque and a great ROF. But, it draws alot more amps so my old NiMH just don't hold up very well.
  18. You can use a 9.6v large. It'll fit in the box mag.
  19. Tried to fit a larger battery in a friend's stock and the cheek rest ended up snapping in half so I'm looking for a new on of those or one I could pull off a stock with broken hinges.
  20. It's a decent gun. I think I have one of the first gens. You'll have to grease it and do the usual fix up. Upgrade wise it's a 590mm barrel and most of the gearbox has standard AEG parts. Bucking wise I had a systema in it for awhile. Sometimes it worked great, but taking it out and putting it back in had it jamming alot. So you're kinda stuck with a stock A&K because the lips are thicker.
  21. Charge the 8.4v? You could try what Airborne said, but that means opening up the gun. If the only reason it jammed was a dead battery you'll be fine with one quick spritz on the 14.v, but waiting a few hours to charge the 8.4v won't kill the gearbox. Waiting a month might though.
  22. How's the ROF before it dies? I was working on a guy's gun and it kept jamming on the batteries I was trying. Turns out both were dead.
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