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  1. There's a group of us down at OIT in Klamath Falls that play. About 10-14 average per game. Most of us are taking off for the christmas break, but we'll be back in January. Once we get our club organized we could probably get a larger event set up and try and recruit new players.
  2. Not sure on the Red JG motors, but the purple/blue that I have has some pretty tough magnets with a low ROF.
  3. College and girls. This last week I haven't been able to keep the same academic thought for more than a couple minutes. BTW. You can get numbers by knocking on doors and borrowing a knife to open a coconut.
  4. I wouldn't go as high as you can for safety reasons. If the wires lose some of the insulator and short a 100c lipo will explode in less than a second, but 20c will be slightly more gradual, more forgiving since it can't dump as quickly on a short.
  5. The Galaxy is electric and you definitely get what you pay for meaning $100 doesn't go too far. If it's the max of your budget you'll probably be fine, but if you can save another $30 you could get something much better.
  6. The KWC desert eagles I had rarely worked properly, weren't accurate, and were of low quality. I'd avoid them.
  7. I'm with Star Folder on this. It's nice to be able to tell what the BB does at the end of its path, otherwise you'll find yourself getting pissed off when you think you're hitting people, but you're actually off by a few feet.
  8. I don't really want to tear my TM apart, but there's a certain way they're suppose to go in and it worked before? If it did, trial and error.
  9. So you put a 500 fps spring in the gun? And the gun is shooting inconsistently itself? There's gotta be something not installed right; either the nozzle, bucking, barrel, gearbox, or something in the piston assembly.
  10. Wait, why is it shooting over 500 in a P90? Bad chrono?
  11. I would actually like to try it out (College...) and I don't doubt you'd get more consistency out of it, but I've heard people claiming 400ft on 400fps when I don't think a BB even has that kind of momentum to go that far.
  12. What's the accuracy like? If your shots are everywhere it could be a bucking?
  13. I never really did believe the ranges some people were claiming. Maybe the consistency, I could see that, but why would a BB that can only get to 220 feet suddenly go farther than a football field?
  14. Build a custom hop unit that's longer so three BB's slide into the chamber, though I don't know how you'll get them to feed into the bucking.
  15. BB's pushing the hop unit into the gearbox which pushes the selector plate? Is there ANY point at which the selector plate allows full auto? Can you test it with the upper off, maybe the cut-off is rubbing on something or the plate is sitting weird.
  16. I spent hours trying to fix a guy's gun and I think it turned out to be dead batteries. What ticked me though was he thought I broke it after adjusting the motor height, yet him and his friend brag about how the gun doesn't work half the time anyways....
  17. Best thing to do; Invest in silver and land.
  18. http://www.dealextreme.com/sku.aspx?lang=w...0-pack-set& Either reconnector the gun or get some tamiya's there two and make one.
  19. Like title says, I just a couple parts to replace the ones that broke in a couple guns I had. Nothing special.
  20. Nice write up, be cool to read one about more common brands too!
  21. Holy crap, I thought that was a RS. Nice job, very clean.
  22. Funny thing, I released the AR latch and then plugged in a battery (With my hand holding the motor into the GB) and it cranked over (Only one shot, no dry firing in the dorms...).I guess it could be a wiring issue, but we had ruled that out already.
  23. Actaully, it locked up again. I think it MAY be a wiring issue, but alligator clips to motor wouldn't work and the spring isn't all that hot. The motor's I used were CA motors and a yellow endbell (CYMA?) long type. What's weird is it was turning over just fine before, but we went out for a game and it stopped after a few minutes. He did say the BB's weren't ranging too well, but he didn't set the hop-up and without the GB wokring I can't tell if it's a hop up or a gearbox problem. I might take one more look at it, but he want's the put a 10/22 in the body if it won't work.
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