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  1. Bad plan, do it right or not at all. A quick swap in of an M110 or even an M100 would work. Depending on your setup an M120 might shoot a little hotter than 400 and MAYBE the M110 will do the trick.
  2. Here's a joke. How does a doctor diagnose a tapeworm? When you get to his office he'll ask you to drop your drawers and touch your toes. He'll first put a boiled egg up your butt, then a cookie. He'll do this for about a week, first the egg followed by a cookie. On the last day he'll insert the egg, but not the cookie. After about ten minutes, if you have a tapeworm, it'll pop out and ask "Where's my cookie?"
  3. Actually, it turned out the few batteries we were using were no good. They were his so I went back to my room, plugged them into one of my guns (Crappy ROF), tried mine (Good ROF), went back and tried mine out. Still a little loud, but it's running! It kinda derfs me that I had thought that wasn't the problem...
  4. I don't think it's the motor, but I've only used ACM's... It also worked before I touched the motor height. Also swapped it to a new shell and a new bevel gear. Didn't work.
  5. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! We've jsut spent the last four hours trying to figure out why it simply will not work. It locks up as soon as there's any load, even with just an M100 spring. The only thing that worked was a 200 fps spring I had. But here's the catch; there's nothing wrong with it. The motor(s) all work, the batteries are all charged and work in other guns, the shimming is great (I even loosened the screws so the gearbox had another 1mm of play on the gears to rule out overshimming), the motor height has been set, the AOE corrected, there's grease, the wiring works (Even alligator clips from battery to motor don't work), the piston and gears mesh nicely and when I hold the GB up the piston smoothly falls back down, though it does have some play, but even that isn't wrong because I can just hold it straight. The contacts are all clean, it's 16 gauge wire (Ruled out by alligator clips). There's just nothing to look at. The piston isn't getting chewed, the gears aren't scratching or have any bad teeth, it just does not work!? Edit: Also, what caused it to stop working in the first place was my taking the motor plate off so I could put the set screw back in to adjust teh motor height. Then it just stopped. Without the grip on and just motor to gearbox it'll stop.
  6. A restocking fee is for when you ordered the wrong part like a CPU for a motherboard you don't have. If they send you a broken CPU they pay for the return shipping.
  7. I have a classmate with a Scar-L and I'm curious what brand it is. He's had it for a few years, it's black, no trades, a metal gearbox, but the upper is plastic and the battery don't go into the stock rather goes into the front of the gun. Was there any brands that made a plastic bodied scar? I don't think it's very high end, and if it's any consolidation there's a CA motor in it, though I think it may be a new one, and I haven't read about plastic CA scars anywhere.
  8. Well he did end up with a broken gun. What if you were in his shoes; why should you be out $$ and still end up with nothing? But how did it break? If it's internal you could talk him through it.
  9. Probably needs some silicon oil. GBB's will spew their gas if they're dry since everything sticks. As for the wild hop up try cleaning out the barrel with some qtips if you don't already have a cleaning rod.
  10. Not to mention the flourescent bulbs actually have several electrical components (Capacitors, resistors, etc.) in the base IE require ALOT more parts to manufacture as opposed to simple glass and steel/tungsten.
  11. If it breaks down in 10 years I'm happy to go with Bio's. When I'm long gone or moved on I don't see why the next generation has to live with thousands of little pellets sitting around some patch of forest. They probably won't hurt much just sitting there, but they weren't there before and shouldn't stay forever. Though, you do have different kinds of bios; there's those chalky ones from 's that jam about everything they touch and then there's the more plasticy kind that work like regular BB's. However, I've been wondering if the latter really are Bio's and the Chinese aren't just pulling a money making ploy.
  12. Those AA Energizer rechargeables can only crank maybe an amp or two, but an RC AA can crank 20x that. Both are NiMH, but one can discharge faster.
  13. One of the most frustrating things is being one of two people moving up while the rest of your 'team' sits in the base and waits. Even more frustrating is being a M60 gunner and being asked to suppress the enemy. Now, it's not so bad when you're lowering heads so your guys can move up, but most of the time I get told to suppress, start suppressing, yet NOBODY is moving up and I'm stuck wondering why I'm wasting my ammo and money for nothing. Be aggressive, it's more fun.
  14. Higher end packs can put more amps out. Cheap china packs might only put out 15-18amps while a high end Intellect may put out up to 20-25 amps. If your AEG pulls 25 amps that means the Intellect runs your gun's ROF at 100% while the China runs it at 70%, but still pulls 100% from the battery. LiPo's can put out much higher amp ratings which means 100% for your gun, but without maxing your battery.
  15. You have no idea how cool that is!
  16. I've been using 16 gauge automotive wire, but if you can find teflon wire that'd be te best because I believe the insulation is thinner.
  17. Could be a really thick bucking? I used to use G&G green buckings that did this alot so I switched to Systemas which are thinner.
  18. I didn't glue it, it came to me glued, but I'd probably guess superglue or something hard.
  19. And because of that the gearbox locked up. I reshimmed it and took the glue out; problem solved. The bushings, if they popped in at all immediately popped back into place rather than get stuck. Glue shouldn't allow the bushings to move at all, these were still able to move in and out, it was glued wrong.
  20. I've got a plastic TM with something goofy going on in the barrel and BB's dropping out. Maybe I should get one and swap parts around.
  21. You posted the same question twice.....
  22. I gave you a thumbs down for promoting your 'channel' on a public forum that's here to create information, not get you more subscribers...
  23. Get paint stripper on the slide/frame; that'll show what the casting looks like and then you can chrome it or polish it.
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