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  1. Yes, 9.6 will work, I also have a Kraken (the green and clear, sweet gun). I use a 9.6 with mine, no FPS increase, but the firig rate is significantly better, but the battery I bought doesn't fit in the stock. So I bought a roll of external battery fastener (duct tape). Works fine, had to extend the wires, but now you can put things in the stock like a capacitor bank (Google capacity airsoft mechanics) and a mosfet, buy the parts from digikey and they'll both save you the hassle of having to clean the connectors and increase ROF.
  2. Trust me from experience, sniping with an AEG DOES NOT WORK! I put a scope on my AK47 recently. In game and found a nice spot watching a nice pathway 75-100 feet away. Lo and behold a player walks out and partially hids next to a bush. I sighted on him and fired a quick burstof 5 rounds or so. He heard the motor in my gun and took cover just as my BB's clawed after him. No outs... Basically, AEG's don't work because the sound from the motor is too great for the stealth to keep someone in place. Range and accuracy are good for any gun, but if you want to snipe, get yourself a sniper rifle are something spring and silent.
  3. Go to a Sports Authority or something of the typw where they sell cheap guns. These guns are mostly clone guns, so their quality probably isn't quite as high as others, but they also cost ALOT less. Make sure you buy from a place where you can return the gun if it's a lemon. Most rebrands come with a charger and goggles, so you're almost set! You even have money left over to replace some of the crappy parts with good parts. I've had an Aftermath AK47 for three years, a rebranded CYMA I believe, and the cheap plastic body is just recently starting to breakdown. It already had a metal gearbox and good parts. So now I'm taking the money I saved and buying a new metal body for it. So go to a store and see what guns there are along with their brands. Then come home and look up the companies. Some are TM copies, some CYMA, and others. Most storebought guns are already mPEGs anyways.
  4. Did the old one break or is this one just for poops and giggles? If you're a depressed constipatee then try taking the body off the gun so you now have a hopup unit/barrel and the gun part with the mechbox. You should be able to put the hop up on the mechbox and hold it in place so it will fire. Try fireing it with the two pieces held firly together.
  5. You should try to figure out which MODEL you want first, then go to price, brand, upgrades, etc. If I were you (actually I'm trying to sell my excess guns and stick with a couple good ones(In fact, you should screw the ak and use your $150 to buy some nice new parts , rails, metal, bodies, etc. for your current guns.)) I'd look at what I DON't have. I'm assuming you have an M14:long range, field gun after observing your name. But do you already have a :CQB gun (And micro(u) type gun? Sidearm/secondary (Something you can carry around (Folding stock (u)) Something for a friend to use? Or something for the assault role? Support Role(RPK)? Personally, I think you should consider how many guns you'll actually want to use in a game. If it's a three day airsoft battle, then a couple would be a good idea, but if you just play games four a few hours in a day, then perhaps just stick with one or two. You could also se if one of the other players will let you try their gun for a match to see if you actually do want an AK or if you even want a new gun. AK's aren't built stock for things like lights and laser sights until you spent alot more money on new parts. I took mine and bolted a bipod under it with a rail on the side and a scope on top. Which reminds me, for the last week I've been looking really hard for a sniper rifle ( Then I decided to just reward my AK with a sexy hot body for doing such a fine job). SNiper rifles are spring guns, not AEG's. They're different! If you're just looking to buy a new gun, get something different, like one of the shotgun things or a gas uzi. That way, you get alot more variety with your playing style.
  6. I myself own a Well scorpion, but I also had the same problem. I don't believe it's the mag. First, remove the upper shell so you can see the gearbox and the hop up unit. Then load up the clip and LIGHTLY hold the hop up unit in place with the gearbox (So that there's just a little space between the two). Load the mag so the gun will work. Fire. When I tried this to see if the hop up was engaging the mechbox properly I found that my range and power was terrible, along with the misfeeds. Now, hold the hop up unit FIRMLY in place so there is no spacing between the two. Fire the gun. I found that the bb's where not being pressed into the bucking enough, causing all the problems. I used a washer and a spacer to put more pressure on the unitto eliminate the gap. Now that I have a working scorpion I'm planning on selling my MP5.
  7. I have a working CYMA clone MP5 with tan grips, four short mags, and a prometheus bucking. I can get pictures if you'd like. automobilie@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES>
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by trade pending, but I may be interested. I would like to make the purchase once I have sold off my MP5 cyma clone. Although, If you would like I would consider trading it to you. When it was bought new it was $135. Since then I have purchased four short mags and added a couple screws to the retracting stock to fortify it. I can get pictures. My official email is automobilie@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES>
  9. My friend has one. I would start by 1. Check to make sure nothing is broken or damaged, like a torn hop up 2. make sure the hop up is at least adjusting 3. make sure the hop up is not 'uberlubed' which will cause bb's to slip by 4. make sure the NEW bbs aren't also crap bb's 5. try firing one round at a time with the magazine out of the gun so you can see if the bb is just falling out or if it's working right. 6. clean the hop up again 7. check to make sure teh mechbox is functioning 8. Piss my pants and die because I feel like I'm out of options or... If one of those succeds go directly to 11. 11. Since I have completed my imediate goal I have nothing to look forward too. With that in mind I have nothing to live for. So no reason to live. Without a purpose I have no reason to exist, therefore I become invisible and implode into cupcakes.... So my recommendation is...if you fix your gun you WILL DIE!
  10. As the description says my hop up does not seem to work right of the bat. I've had to, for the last few months, set it up, fire almost 60 bb's to get the hop up to activate. The first few shots travel for a little but almost as though the hop up isn't engaged. Then, when it starts working, the bb's begin to climb in range. My gun is a stock Aftermath Kraken (the green version) with stock hop up. (Little rubber nub, plastic case, and a black bucking). Unfortunately I dropped my rubber nub on a woo floor an have to use these H nubs I bought which either have the same problem as the original nub or are not working properly. Inside the stock bucking there's a raise bump the presses on the BB's, but with an H nub be adversly affected by the bump? So: 1. What coul be causing the hop up 'warm up' effect 2. Is there a better metho to install an H nub 3. Being a 400 fps gun what kin of buckingshoul I get for it? PS. I have disassemble it yesterday an found no tearing or breakage Thanks
  11. Except paintball cost ALOT more money, until you keep forking out hundreds of dollars for ammo, they're worthless...
  12. In Alaska, if it rains, it's too cold for guns to work, if it snows hop up freezes and we'd do better throwing bb's. Adding the bit about people who play "outgunned" probably tipped the scale since people tend to be egotistical.
  13. Old topic but help is always good. Try filing down the bb stopper
  14. I just went a filed the bb stopper in a little bit. The bb's won't release until the stopper is 'locked' all the way out.
  15. If you can use tools you could make it fit. I have a Well, no air nozzel problems yet. The semi periodically craps into full auto so I can choose between full, safe, and...full! My hop up needed filing, works great now.
  16. C:\Documents and Settings\Kevin\Desktop\untitled.bmp Could you describe what the part looks like? I have a Well R2, but I think they may be the same. As for the 'lock up' You might have the two connections between the gearbox and the body. Could you get pictures? Also, look for rough edges on the parts, that could be signs of a part being broken off.
  17. I have one, For CQB it might be good for up to 50 ft, but since it doesn't fit in a holster you'll either be A. Loning it to a friend B. Setting it aside C. Getting shot in the butt because you keep dropping it or D. Abandoning your main and going all out rambo on the enemy. It needed the hop up filed down which is really easy to do and the drum mag lasts forever. Also to be noted I never had the battery die on me. Good luck
  18. I also have this gun AND this recurring problem. There is both good news and bad news. The good news is the it's very easy to fix, just put it back in (you can look at the manual that came with it (should be under the mechbox and it goes in easily enough)) The bad new is I've lost my semi auto multiple times because this part keeps coming out of place. More good news (At least for me) is I can never get my gun accurate enough to bother with semi auto, so leaving the part out might be a better idea. Here's some pictures though: Screw.bmp
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