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    To get anywhere being a sniper is expensive. Its a tough, expensive, demanding role. It can also be rewarding. Listen to them though stay away from AGM and get the UTG if your going with an L96. Otherwise get a JG bar 10. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  2. I personally like my UTG Mk96. Never had a bar-10 so can't say much there. I do feel that the Mk96 is pretty darn accurate stock. I've also never owned any other guns except it so don't take what I say to literally. Everyone is probably right though the bar-10 is more than likely a good choice.
  3. I've got to say I have the SP-1 and it is one of the nicest paintball guns I've seen. The 98C is a good gun as well. The SP-1 comes stock with the E trigger and is tournament legal because you can shut the E trigger off for a game. It does run better on air but I use CO2 and it works great. Very few parts on the inside so there is not much that can break. It is electronumatic and you have to use a coppertop 9 volt or it won't work. Heavy duty battery will not work. It has to do with the current. It won't hurt the gun if it gets wet either There is a video where a guy threw it in the creek picked it back up and it worked fine. The SP-1 has a ton of rails so accessories are easy to mount and there is a built in flashlight holder, so no need for an overly expensive tactical flashlight. All in all I love the SP-1. When it comes down to it though you should either get the SP-1 or the 98C. I prefer the SP-1 but both are great guns.
  4. Our teams coming together a little better now thanks for all the help If there is anyone in Indiana looking for a team to play against, were up for a game Let us know where its at and we'll see about trying to make it. By the way do you know where some fields are in Indiana.
  5. Hmm. I didn't realize the numbers varied so much we'll probably be a team of at least five. Thanks.
  6. My buddies and I had been kicking around the idea of starting a team. How many players should we have. Two of us are snipers. What would the ideal number of teammates be. Thanks.
  7. How do I become something other than an asf immigrant. Is it all in good time or just how many posts I make in certain areas.
  8. Are .36 madbull bbs to much for a stock UTG MK96. Should I stay with .28, .3, or .36. Thanks
  9. Are .36 madbull bbs to much for a stock UTG MK96. Should I stay with .28, .3, or .36. Thanks
  10. Not sure where that is but we play in the outskirts of brazil. Let me know if you find out about any local airsofting places maybe we can all get together.
  11. I'm wondering if there are any local fields near terre hautte we've just been doing some wars on our land and have been wanting to get into a different situation.
  12. Thanks I think I'll just wait then. It may be more expensive but its sounds worth it.
  13. I don't have the money for an edgi barrel for my UTG MK96 right now and figured I would go with the Madbull ver 2 for the aps2. Will the aps2 work at 499mm. Also would I just be better off waiting and getting an edgi. Is there really going to be that big of a difference.
  14. I've heard a few bad things about them but I wanted to know if its a good idea to order a madbull aps2 barrel from them. Also can anyone tell me if they know it will work in my UTG MK96.
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