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    selling most of it, but i have a tm thompson,l96,jgm4s-system for gear i got black bod armor or w/e it is called. and wood like type camoo.
  1. ok thanks.....and would you know the price range that will be around? just what you think it would be. Also what are good quality aeg springs don't know much about aeg, I just want to buy a cheep gun and make it godly.
  2. What are good upgrades for the A&K svd im looking for it to shoot close to 500fps thanks..oh yah and I never used a dragunov and do not know where any websites that show the upgrades are so if you could help me with that it would be great.
  3. I would say yes, if they have full face mask and long clothing. And I know it would be hard but try and make him have a good 75-100ft away from a target. He is a kid so I don't know if he will know that or do it..(I wouldnt of) but all you can do is try.
  4. KJW M9 or the Airsoft GI M9 Equilibrium, I have done research and by lookin at reviews and what other people say that the kjw is if not the same or better then the gi m9..but the gi has equilibrium and if you don't know what that is it is veryyy! stong and wont brake! just wanna see what you guys think about the pro and cons of the 2. thanks.
  5. The maruzen l96 or the tm vsr 10-gspec, I have about $550 so I can upgrade both of them. what gun would be better after full use of the money and all of the upgrades I get for it, and what upgrades if you have any I mind I could use for them. If you think that there is a better gun for my price that shoots further please write(only if its about 550 or 570 area). thanks So far I like the feeling of the vsr's alittle better that the l96 modle's but I would rather that better gun. I was also thinkin of the kjw m700 but gas is very enoyin form what I hear...BUT you can add gas guns if you think they are better I don't mind I would like to just find the best 3 or 2 possiblitys and so far thats what I got.
  6. ok thanks, where would I find theas upgrades because I don't know much sites other than the main ones. and is the take down ver. better? or just for instaling upgrades
  7. tanaka makes all of gas guns as I know(noobie). and I wanna know what is the best bet for a tanaka gas sniper for $550/ upgrades if you can please to.
  8. yes 700 to about 1200. saving up for about 4month soo im getting close.
  9. It is the righthook but I have tride that web and cant see where I can buy it on there they don't sell it right now. dosnt say add to cart or out of stock.
  10. I was just looking for this gun don't know if I wanna save up more for it but it seems I can not find it for sail anywhere! help if you know where it is for sail!!!!
  11. This is the two guns I will want to get. tm vsr10 g-spec or the tanaka m24, I have been looking at the two for a long time now and it need some edvise. what gun is more efficient and will last longer. I will upgrade the tm to be well but I do not like to upgrade not that well at and but I can try. or just use the tanaka and upgrade that with simple upgrades that I can do(I know sniper upgrades are simple but im not good at them!). I have been looking at gas vs spring and most people are sayin gas now and im leading over the the m24. just say what you think rifle will be the best use for me.
  12. I have heard that the m24 and m40a1 are the same..I am knew to sniping and airsoft. what would you rather and why also what works better and has less problems. kids say to me that there stock it the only dif part? not sure yet! help plzz, a noobie needs it badly before my summer starts and im airsofting alot.
  13. ok thank I think im going for the m40a1. and ohh didnt know that I alwase thought that the longer barrel effected the accuracy more. sry couldnt reply earlyer this web was not up for some reason yesterday for me couldnt work.
  14. isnt a shorter barrel not as good? can not go as far strait? and now everyone is saying that the m24 is they way to go? its like a 50/50 with the tanaka m40a1 or the tanaka m24 (m24a1 w.e it is called)
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