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  1. what is included in a cylinder set? is it the cylinder itself, piston head, piston, spring guide and all that? Or just the cylinder "shell"? also, if I buy a Raven Cylinder Set, will my Laylax spring fit the parts?
  2. I just put a laylax 130 spring in my jg bar 10. everytime I fire it makes a weird "sproiing" noise. Is this normal with the upgraded spring?
  3. My friend has a well mb-0somethin, bone stock, 500 fps, and laughed in my face when I told him I would use .36's in my (soon to be) 430 fps BAR-10. He then told me that .20's were the "perfect weight" for his gun. Hes a good guy, just knows nothing at all about airsoft. I also told him about my upgrade plans, and he said "your obsessed with upgrading you gun because it sucks. I don't NEED to upgrade MY gun, cuz its pimpin out of the box"
  4. If you guys would upgrade the hop-up, I could see this being a 100 yard gun.
  5. springgunner

    Javelin bb's

    I saw these: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=7510 on airsoft gi, and was attracted to them because of the fairly cheap price. anyone used these?
  6. guys, im 13 low age <does not equal> poor as dirt, haha and cagedconnor, you are full of crap, sorry. So either say something constructive, or step the heck off.
  7. I am patient enough if I know im there for a reason (so, not really at school, lolz) and im buying a upgraded jg bar-10, should be fine. Gosh, im excited
  8. I think I'm ready to get into airsoft sniping. My reasoning being this: I am an adrenaline junkie. I admit this freely. However, there is a headspace that you get into when you are sneaking, hiding, stalking, anything like that. I've been in this headspace a few times, it was more fun than anything ive ever done. I'm also a good verbalizer. I have a cheap walkie-talkie, and if I end up going to more games than I thought, I will get a throat mic. From what ive read, and know, this is one of the most important aspects of sniping, I'm 13. I'm super skinny, I can run quickly, and I have good endurance, to heat, fatigue, and being uncomfterable. I have time. I can plink in my yard, upgrade my gun (which Brenden will sell me when he gets back from his vacation. I think I love that guy) I am a fairly good marksman. so am I ready?
  9. Are there any players in or near Cumberland county? We had a team going, but it never really worked, and fell apart. So anyone that wants to play, pm me or post in this thread. BTW, im 13. I have a full face mask, and im mature. I hope you don't have a problem with playing with younger people, but I would understand if you did. thanks!
  10. My dad probably wouldn't be there. The place is really close to my house, and ive biked there a few times, doesn't take more than 15 min. Anytime we wanna play I can bike or get a ride. And I wouldn't be able to go to the big games, unless they r closer.
  11. yea, lets do it! I got time, we can head down to eastern carolina paintball once a week or however often and mess around with tactics and stuff.
  12. dude, where? my dad was deployed for 9 monthes, it sucks. thanks for serving though! what branch are you in/What do you do?
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