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  1. This is a bit too dense, so I'll post a new setup topic for the L85, M14, AUG, and MP5k. The MP7 is fine now but I'll sell stuff before I upgrade it. Thanks!
  2. That was a different gun (A stock KWA with different wiring and m130 spring). I will only be using the Systema for the Motor test. That one between those 2 motors was just out of curiosity, but I'll be be testing every motor in the Systema with identical electrical systems. However, neither gun has a mosfet yet. I will only be using 1 gun for testing. This was just a side test to see how much load the GT40000 could pull.
  3. Ye it has a lot of torque for such a speed demon but its best not to pair it with springs above m120 or it can reduce performance. It has enough torque to pull an m120 very quickly on speed gears with good trigger response. Sounds good to me. For m130 and up, you'd want to get a torque motor anyway. Also, if you had a tech (like some people at airsoftmechanics.com) wrap it, which means they wrap more wiring around the spinning magnet which can increase torque a lot, then it would be a perfect all around motor. For speed, its pretty amazing. I have faith in other motors though, like the Element Turbo and the G&P m120. The Turbo is slower but has a lot more torque. Anyway, I hope I can test all of these.
  4. Well I did a small test of an m130 in a KWA gearbox with an 11.1v 3500Mah 30-40C lipo on SHS 16:1 gears. I used he GT40000 which did in fact pull the load! However, it pulled it only slightly faster than the AMP motor (which I tested after). The GT40000 had great trigger response in addition to being able to pull such a load (and it even pulled the spring on a 9.6v!!!). The GT40000 has a lot of torque, but it is still a speed motor, so pairing it up with a larger spring (m130 and up), may be a bad idea since it is not intended nor built for that use and will not perform as well if it has to struggle (as we have seen in this test). Nonetheless, the fact that it pulled the m130 at all on speed gears even on a 9.6v battery was nothing short of a miracle, or better yet a triumph of engineering. Anyone have any comments on this little test? Anyway, for the motor topic, I am still at a loss for the PSU, Dyno, and Element Turbo motor. If anyone knows a good link for a PSU that suits this test, please contact me asap or comment here. Also, if anyone had a Dyno or Element Turbo and would like to lend it perhaps for money, also contact me. Thanks!
  5. Hello, I am bullpupfan. Here I have the setups for my current guns and the future setups I plan to have. I would like to know everyone’s opinion on the parts. For example, I have been unsure if KWA 2G is better than the SCS, what fps is optimal for each gun, what parts are best to use (ie. barrels), what gears will hold up to each spring, etc. Experience or information would help a lot. Any advice or critiques will be much appreciated! P.S. If it says blank or blank in the setups, it means I am unsure of which to get. Thanks! Echo 1 MP5k First is my Echo 1 MP5k with a ris and M4 crane stock (which can detach). My MP5k is my CQB weapon that will be sporting a box magazine from evike (with sound or pressure control). The gun is from iloveco2 who had a Systema Turbo, 14AWG wiring, and Guarder speed gears running up to 60rps! That’s going to be hard to match or even beat, but this setup might just do that. I do not know if the Dual Sector Gear is too much stress on a gearbox, and it is very expensive requiring a lot of time and money. My uses for this gun are as a CQB weapon, LMG (so as a SAW), pistol, and perhaps even field (as an Assault Rifle). I want to have 35-40 rounds per second (on an 11.1v lipo) and 30-35 rounds per second (on a 7.4v lipo) with 300-330 fps (if paired with TK twist barrel), and 175-200ft range. If I use a TK barrel, I would probably get the MP5 length (no MP5k length available) and use a silencer. The setup is show below: MP5 now / MP5 later Motor - Upgraded E1 motor / GT40000 Gears - Echo 1 / SHS 13:1 Piston - Echo 1 / Matrix/AIM P-head - Echo 1 / Modify-Guarder Bore Up Cylinder - Echo 1 / Modify- Guarder Bore Up C-head - Echo 1 / Modify- Guarder Bore Up Air nozzle - Echo 1 / Modify- Guarder Bore Up Spring - Echo 1 m120 / PDI 120% or Guarder sp85 S-guide - Echo 1 / Prometheus ball bearing Bushings - Echo 1 / Prometheus bearings Shims - Echo 1 / Prometheus Tappet - Echo 1 / Systema Sector clip - KA sector clip / KA sector clip Hopup - Echo 1 / G&G or Echo 1 with Strike kit Bucking - Echo 1 / Systema with SCS Barrel - Echo 1 / TK twist Wiring - Echo 1 / 14 AWG silver Mosfet - None / AB mosfet Battery - None / 11.1v Stick lipo JG AUG HBAR The AUG HBAR is my support weapon and has a Phantom kit so it can properly be called HBAR (heavy barreled automatic rifle). I have the stock 1.5x scope which looks great and performs up to my standards. I wanted to make it a Stanag AUG like Texas Star has, or buy his receiver because it could use a box mag and a capacitor could be kept in the grip. However, this will probably not happen, so I will just get some 170rd magazines and maybe use a capacitor in the handle if that mod can be done well. I am unsure if this can be a good support weapon and if a 3x scope would be needed for such use. However, the Phantom kit is loose, but I’ll try to wrap it with Teflon tape or send it to someone. I usually use a bipod to make it look more intimidating. I hope to have 20-25 rounds per second on a 7.4v lipo, 25-30+ rounds per second on an 11.1 lipo, 420-480+. I want to have a range of 200-250 feet. This weapon is my SAW and/or field weapon. Anyway, here is the setup: AUG HBAR now / AUG HBAR later Motor - G&P M160 / G&P M160 Gears - JG or CA / SHS 16:1 Piston - Action Titanium coated / Action Titanium coated P-head - JG / Guarder bore up or Guarder enhanced set Cylinder - JG / Guarder bore up or Guarder enhanced set C-head - JG / Guarder bore up or Guarder enhanced set Air nozzle - JG / Guarder bore up or Guarder enhanced set Spring - Guarder m120 / PDI 190% or m130 or Guarder m120 S-guide - JG or ball bearing? / Prometheus ball bearing or stock Bushings - JG or Guarder? / Prometheus ball bearing or stock Shims - JG / Prometheus Tappet - JG / Guarder Sector clip - None / KA sector clip Hopup - TM / TM Bucking - TM / TM with SCS Barrel - KN tightbore / KN tightbore Wiring - JG / 14 AWG silver Mosfet - None / AB mosfet Battery - 9.6v / 11.1v Lipo G&P M14 DMR This is my DMR that I want to have the best accuracy and range of my guns. I hope to gain 275 feet range accurately, and probably just use single fire, but if I use auto, I would like to get 20-25 rounds per second (11.1v lipo) and 15-20+ (7.4 v lipo) if that is reasonable since I am unsure of what the expected rate of fire would be at such high fps (I hope to have 525-575 fps). I originally bought Guarder gears, but they do not fit in the bushings, so new Guarder bushings are essential. I also do not know if a new cylinder will bring any gains for fps. And lastly, I would get a bore up kit if any were compatible. Do any bore-up kits fit in the M14? Here is the setup: M14 now / M14 later Motor - G&P M160 / G&P M160 Gears - Guarder / Guarder Piston - G&P / G&P P-head - G&P / G&P or Prometheus or Guarder Cylinder - G&P / G&P or Prometheus or Guarder C-head - G&P / G&P or Prometheus or Guarder Air nozzle - Prometheus / Prometheus or Guarder (Cylinder set) Spring - Guarder sp140 / Guarder sp140 S-guide - G&P / Guarder or Prometheus ball bearing Bushings - G&P / Guarder ball bearing Shims - G&P / Prometheus Tappet - G&P / G&P Sector clip - None / None Hopup - G&P / G&P Bucking - KWA 2G / KWA 2G Barrel - Prometheus / Prometheus Wiring - G&P / 14 AWG silver Mosfet - None / AB mosfet Battery - 9.6v / 7.4v or 11.1v lipo CA M16 This M16 was bought from Supercowcc who said it got 27rps with the lipo, 425fps with .25s on a PDI 190% (similar to an m125), and up to 250 feet of range! I may replace the piston head, since it chipped a little, with a Guarder bore up piston head. Also, the gears died, so I am getting SHS 16:1 gears and rewiring 14 AWG wiring with a 3500Mah 30-40C 11.1v Lipo. However I worry that my setups are being redundant, so should I change some springs in any setups? TM MP7 I am unsure if I want to upgrade my TM MP7 because I don’t know if it is really worth it or needed. Also, I don’t know if my MP5k would be the only gun I’d need for a pistol or sidearm (which are the intended uses of this weapon). I really don’t want any FPS or ROF increases since this is a pistol and has only a few mags that can fit with a maximum capacity of 100 rounds in a midcap. Thus, I wouldn’t want it to be a 30 rounds a second gun, but since it gets about 12 rounds a second stock and 18 rounds a second when it has a mosfet, micro deans, and a 7.4v lipo. I would like to have 150-200 feet of range, so do I need a new spring for this (new Nineball MP7 springs usually yield 300-330 fps)? Also, is it possible to cut a TK barrel to fit this gun (or use a pistol length TK barrel)? I may just add new bearings since TM uses nylon, but if I went all out, I’d get a Nine ball Cylinder, Piston head and cylinder head, spring perhaps, barrel perhaps, or even piston along with an AB mosfet, micro deans, and 7.4 lipo with perhaps even a TK twist barrel if that were possible. G&G L85a2 I might also upgrade my G&G L85a2, but I am unsure if it would be reliable since people tell me that they are not very accustomed to certain gears or parts. I am afraid the G&G piston mod may be too much of a burden since it can reduce the rate of fire due to the extra weight from the spacer, so I was wondering if there is a better way to perform the piston mod to reduce weight or increase performance such as short stroking as many teeth that are in the way (since the stock piston is a long piston like in an SR-25) or use a normal piston with a lot of TPE to fill up the unneeded space at the cylinder head. Are either of these a good idea? Also, what would happen if I used a normal piston without the spacer (like would it use more air or hyper extend or just break, etc.)? For my uses (as a field and/or SAW gun that could even be a marksmen if it was accurate enough), would the ICS L85/L86 be best, or should I just wait for the newer G&G L85's? I will keep this if the gearbox can be reliable and perform just as well as any other gearbox. If this is the case, I would probably add: L85 Now / L85 later Motor - Stock / Element Torque Gears - Stock / SHS 16:1 or Stock Piston - Stock / G&G Reinforced or Stock or Azimuth or G&P polycetal P-head - Stock / CA SR-25 Bore up kit or stock Cylinder - Stock / CA SR-25 Bore up kit or stock C-head - Stock / CA SR-25 Bore up kit or stock Air nozzle - Stock / CA SR-25 Bore up kit or stock Spring - Stock / Matrix m130 or stock S-guide - Stock / Stock Bushings - Stock / Stock Shims - Stock / Prometheus Tappet - Stock / Stock Sector clip - Stock / KA or SHS Hopup - None / Prometheus Neo Strike Bucking - None / Systema with SCS Barrel - None / Madbull or Prometheus or Edgi Wiring - Stock / 14 AWG silver Mosfet - None / AB mosfet Battery - Minis / 11.1v or 7.4v lipo I was considering upgrading a G&G 2010 in place of the MP5k, but the release date keeps being postponed so I don't know when it will be released and for how much. I hear the new G&G L85's are much better, but sadly they are only in the form of a carbine (shorter) and AFV (CQB length). I'd love to hear anyone else's opinions, experience, and advice since, as you can see, I am being very thorough. :) Anyway, thanks to all who help!
  6. Ok, so the test will be starting soon since 3one will have the new motors in a little while (probably a week). I will probably have to buy the Element Torque and Element Speed since no one has one to lend. THXFox will break in and clean the motors and take the videos. I will set up the topic and let him use my gun for the base. I do not have a dyno, but if anyone has one to lend, I could pay for the shipping and could even pay extra if needed. However, does anyone know how to measure resistance across the resting between the poles (to find brush resistance and armature turns)? And lastly, as for the PSU, does anyone have any info on it because I have searched but could not find a lot of info on it? Thanks to all!
  7. Thanks to everyone, and I took some advice I got from airsoft-barracks and got some silicone sealant. I am kind of unsure how to use it actually, but I'll learn. The teflon tape was pointed out by some to be a band-aid fix and should be replaced by good compression parts instead. The only application that would be viable is for the bucking mod where you wrap the barrel so the bucking is fitted more tightly, but they said silicone sealant is also applicable. I hope I helped everyone and feel free to post what you think to what I have said.
  8. I hope to borrow a dyno, but really I'm just seeing the actual performance in a setup. I think this is good because some motors have theoretical values that are not always accuracte when used in a gun. For instance, some motors have high rpms, but when used might not be able to reach its potential for some reason. I just like the testing of a motor in a gun so I can see how it actually performs because some motors are similiar in power or speed, so it is nice to have a middle of the run setup to test them in. I might buy an Element motor soon because no one has been able to lend one yet. But thanks to everyone and please lend motors! (I can pay as well if needed)
  9. Good point, teflon will wear quickly. The only place I would like to use it is in the hopup so compression is good. Since there is nothing moving (if it is on the barrel touching the bucking), it will probably not need to be replaced very quickly, correct? Or should I just make sure the bucking is tight (I use either Systema with SCS or KWA 2G)? As for the piston and cylinder head, I will just use x-rings and good compression parts.
  10. Well it seems good, but the reason the AUG hopup is probably so good is because that design prevents the hopup from moving around as bbs pass through. That is similar to the prospect of the strike kit which locks the M4 hopup in place. I hope some people do reviews on it because it could be just as good as the Prometheus for $30, but time will tell.
  11. Isn't it for an M4 hopup though? Did they incorporate an Aug hopup into that? If so, that's awesome!
  12. Thanks! So if there are no leaks, there is really no need for teflon, correct?
  13. I wish I could get a dyno, but I cannot find one except for this http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/ecshop/goods.php?id=1906 and that is really pricey. Also, I would still really love any Element motors or any motors you wish to lend. Thanks.
  14. I send guns to iloveco2 and trade with/buy from him because he knows what he is doing and is very fair. I would suggest him as a seller and as an airsoft tech. He is an experienced player who is very involved and passionate about the sport. Good job iloveco2!
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