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  1. Get a bp02 low profile mount from kalinka optics, I have one on my svd the run around $50 and provide you with a weaver rail. Don't bother with the "high" mounts commonly available for the svd your scope will end up way too high here is a URL http://www.kalinkaoptics.com/mounts/svd-ps...eaver-rail.html
  2. "Since mp5ks have really short barrel lengths, it seems like it would be difficult to keep it accurate past 60 or 70 feet" Barrel length has no effect on accuracy, this is a common misconception. This idea stems from the fact that the increased sight radius provided by a longer barrel allows for more precise aiming. Neither does it have an effect on range. I did make a mistake when I said effective range, what I meant was maximum.
  3. Why shouldn't an mp5k have good range? If its the short barrel you're thinking of then you should be aware that barrel length has no effect on range.
  4. O.K so my CA MP5k crapped up on me, for some strange reason the stock range on this thing was incredible - a little over 200 ft. Basically I am looking for a new gun that has similar performance - I don't care about power, just the range or a really nice hopup system What AEGs have you guys tried that have really amazed you with their effective range? (at least 180ft)
  5. I used to own a galaxy mp5k, while the range was respectable - around 150 feet and the performance was decent the externals however were not. You may not notice it at first by simply looking at pictures but this gun looks and feels extremely cheap. I have tried and owned dozens of budget aegs and the galaxy's externals were the worst of all of them ( I would literally compare it to a low quality springer). I am not trying to bash the gun or anything I just want to prevent you from making the same mistake I did - I was so disappointed with the externals that I returned my mp5k immediately after buying it. I don't blame galaxy for the poor externals though, the marui from which the gun is copied also feels very cheap. I love mp5ks and think that they are really compact and effective, however if you are sticking to a budget and want an mp5 I would go with a jg or an echo 1 a4 or a5 variant.
  6. I am considering buying a WE scar and I have heard mostly good things about it. I have seen numerous reports of failures with the c02 version. I am looking at the green gas version though and I was wondering if there are any problems with it- any parts that are likely to fail. Also how reliable are the mags? Are they prone to leaks like some of the WA system m4 mags?
  7. I am interested in buying a ghk gas blowback ak, pm me with offers or email me j_varma<AT>live.com
  8. I recently purchased a kwa m93r ns2 but I lost the Hopup adjustment tool. is there any way to adjust the hopup without it? I tried sticking my finger in there but it just won't move.
  9. I am disassembling my kalash aks-74u and I can't seem to get the trunnion pin to come out. I have removed the smaller pin but no matter how hard I push on the larger one It wont come out. I have tried hitting it with a hammer and it does even move slightly. Does anyone have any tips? How could I get more leverage? Is it normal for pins to require so much force to remove them?
  10. I placed an order on ebaybanned on the 31st of october and still have not received it. It took them two weeks to "process" the order and they shipped on the 18th of november. They gave me a tracking number, the only problem is that when I input the tracking number on the hong kong post website it has been saying the same thing since the 19th: Destination - United States of America The item (RB002271451HK) is being processed for departure from Hong Kong as of 19-Nov-2009 My question is what happened to the package? Is it that they simply failed to update the tracking info? Is the the item lost? Has anyone had similar problems with EMS or hong kong post ? Does it really take two weeks to process for departure?
  11. Wait until I get my BF steel kit on Monday and I will tell you how it goes. The whole bolt assembly is pretty much pot metal so it might crack. It is replaceable with a ratech steel bolt but that is like $130. Aluminum Npas nozzle is likle $50. To boost recoil just add a stronger recoil spring. The externals are made by VFC or dboys. I think both are about the same price. Compatible with alot of rs parts/ airsoft aeg body kits for the vfc. Go with the BF kit, seriously. All steel internals that you can drop into any dboys ak variant for $140
  12. Do you fill the mag while holding the bottle of c02 upside down?
  13. I am not sure because the manual says walnut limited version but it also has the spartan imports logo and says officially distributed by spartan imports. The manual is in english so it would seem like it was the U.S version. My question is whether using green gas will destroy the gun?
  14. I just picked up a used but mint condition marushin m1 garand for $150. I know right, incredibly good deal! ( not as good as when I got a TM mc51 for 15 bucks - yeah I said 15) Unfortunately I am not sure what type of gas to use in the gun. The manual says: Please use only appropriate gas from retailers. Propane is not an appropriate gas. I know green gas and propane are one and the same but I am not sure marushin does. Or maybe they are just saying this for liability reasons. It seems like the gun could take green gas, I don't see why it shouldn't as all the internals are metal. I the old saying " only run japanese guns on 134a" true or is it just a rumor? Is it a good idea to run it on green gas?
  15. This whole idea wouldn't be as exciting if it didn't come with both high risk and benefits. I understand that the pressure of co2 is way higher than that of green gas but my argument is that if those tiny thin walled 12 gram co2 powerlets can hold co2 then a solid metal magazine isn't likely to fail. And if it does it will be the seals or something. If this works then we will be able to fill our gbbs from large 20oz co2 tanks. By the way nice gun Mcnair. I love the glock 26 - The 26 subcompact frame has got to be one of my all time favorites. You seem to have every single part upgraded! Report back as soon as you get the co2 adapter. Also I should get my ak steel parts any day now.
  16. Do you have the all steel gun already? I am getting my steel kit parts this weekend. Get the Co2 connector instead of the one that uses powerlets. It should save you a ton of money on gas. C02 connector Report back, I would be interested to see the results. If it works we could save a ton on gas. 1 20oz co2 bottle is $5 to refill and gives around 1500 rounds of paintball whereas a tank of propane is now like $4 and only has around 600 shots of airsoft.
  17. Ok so while browsing airsoft gi I saw the madbull c02 adapter. Basically a device that allows you to fill a standard green gas fill valve with c02. It says that it is only for grenades and not for gbbs but some gbbs can take c02. Some of the kjw 1911s for example. I was thinking that since my ghk ak can use c02 magazines that it might be possible to fill the regular green gas magazines with co2. The only problem is how would the magazines hold up? I fear they might just start leaking due to the pressure. Is this a bad idea?
  18. I have decided to get a gbbr and was having trouble deciding. I was looking specifically at the GHK Ak-74u. Does anyone have any experience with this gun? I know GBBRs are often prone to problems and I was wondering whether the gun is likely to fail? If it does where would I be able to get replacement parts? I also saw the BF steel GBB ak kit on ebaybanned and was wondering whether this might be a better option. Would the steel really make that much of a difference or would the GHK version hold up fine?
  19. The simplest option (if nobody on the forum is able to help you) would be to dissasemble the gun again and then slowly put it back together carefully following the guide. Failing that take the gun apart and look at how it fires - often the problem shows itself as you dry fire the gun without the slide.
  20. I am looking for a jg m4 GBB. All the HK retailers I have checked are out of stock. Does anyone know a store that has them in? Places I have checked: Ehobby gunner wgcshop cobraairsoft CRW airsoft global airsoft panda Redwolf Do any U.S retailers stock them?
  21. HPA could be used, tanks are expensive and you get far fewer shots because the propellant is stored in a gaseous form instead of a liquid form. On the upside there is no cooldown. HPA requires an external rig.
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