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  1. There's not much worth for camo if you don't know how to apply it. Make an effort to be in places that's catered to your camo of choice. Also, less light = less visibility so if you can take advantage of the shade do it. Camo really shines if you pick your places carefully, or if you have a good camo that breaks the outline 200 yards out. For the most part, it's what you do with the camo that matters most. No sense of picking a camo (aside for style points) if you don't know how to take advantage of your environment. Unless you got nano-machines and go invisible or something, you'll have to do some homework and find out what camo would be best.
  2. I did a video recently compiling some of the action moments of a recent even here in Houston Texas. The event was hosted by Paintball guys so it's not meant to be milsim... not yet at least and they are working to make it as true to airsoft as they can. For the most part, I found it to be quite fun but there are were some problems such as the lack of flanking options due to the number of people, the size of the field, and the "in game boundaries" laid down. In any case, check it out. The video was made with Adobe Premier.
  3. I have a lot of questions about the PTS Masada as far as upgrades are concerned, but I will single out some of the things I'm concerned about. My budget is at max $300 but I doubt it will go that high. My goal: - More reliable & durable system - At least some increase in performance in terms of accuracy - Reduce FPS to about 250 Any specific pistons and gears that you guys recommend? I've never upgraded an airsoft gun before and my experience is limited to building my own AR15 (real steel) and for sure airsoft is entirely different matter. I'd like to not 'buy and try' as much as possible and preferably I'd like to get expert opinion before I attempt to pick parts. Obviously I can do my own research, but there may be some small key details that I may miss and I rather be able to single out the issue than be completely clueless as to why a part will or wont be compatible upon it's arrival.
  4. I'm looking for a good half mask that will support a good cheek weld. "Cheek-to-stock" I have a full mask already but upon using it, I realized how much it gets in the way with my weapons manipulation. So I'm looking for an alternative and I can afford to just 'try and buy' right now when I'm saving up for other things. Any suggestions? The key thing is that I'll be able to effectively put my cheek in the stock to better replicate my practices as much as possible during an airsoft game. So it's VERY important that I have a mask that will allow me to at least have a decent cheek weld on the airsoft gun so that I won't develop 'training scars' when transitioning back to my firearm. P.S. I'm not Military or LEO but this is a really important factor to me.
  5. I've been wanting to purchase a systema for a while since I have the money, but I think ill pass since im pretty happy with my TM SOPMOD m4. Now, I've ran across these rails (samson brand) and I was thinking about purchasing it. My question is, can it fit into an airsoft gun? Im thinking it should, but I don't know anyone who has tried it yet. http://www.mountsplus.com/miva/merchant.mv...RFS/SMC-DRO-PIN
  6. I've been looking for a while for VFC grenade launcher but I cant seem to find one. And if I do, its not from a website that I feel I can trust. (bad layout design, providing little to no information, etc.) Im going to need it for my systema M4. I'll need RIS version btw. thanks guys for your help.
  7. I give it a good 95% of the time that my 2 AEG's (CA P90 and TM SOPMOD M4) shoot constantly. But the last 5% is the problem. When shooting semi or full auto, it seems that the clip doesn't feed the BB's into the gun unless I switch modes (auto --> semi or semi --> auto) or wind it. (Only my CA has a wind) Or at times, I have to give it a good shake so that it would start feeding again. I don't have lubricants so that might be the issue. But is this usual among AEG's when lubricants aren't applied?
  8. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=1662 If not, is there something of that nature that I can find out there? I've been looking for quite a while now.
  9. I've read many things that the tip must not be altered or w/e. But thats getting deep into the legalities. But overall, so long as the manager/owner allows it legal or not, its greenlight unless theres cops right?
  10. I see videos all the time in youtube with black tips in airsoft fields in USA. And I know a lot of people would rather not have them on. If thats the case, CAN you play in a public airsoft field without the orange tip? Or does that depend on the manager there?
  11. So aside for getting a gun for look and feel, you might as well get a CQB gun for field game since they perform relatively the same. (under the assumption that both of the guns perform almost exactly alike)
  12. I've always wondered, how would most M4/M16 airsoft models perform differently in range and accuracy compare to SMG types (like P90) in the case where the FPS is relatively the close to the same value? (300-320 for example) Particularly when one is meant for field and the other is meant for CQB, can you effectively use a CQB in a field game without changing your style significantly? And would it work vic-versa? Snipers have their own category IMO so I wont get into those.
  13. Mine comes with painted orange. I can sand it off... but some of it looks Grey and I cant tell if its messed with the black paint underneath or not. Im thinking about painting over it. In that case, what type of black do most guns come it? I think its Jet black, but I think black black would show an obviously different color contrast between the barrel and the tip.
  14. Mission accomplished! I managed to get it off with Kilo Oscar Tango's technique. You lay it down on the table, get something steel to fit in the holes of the flash hider, and turn counter-clockwise. Thats it! Also, you might want to dip the tip of the barrel in hot water to remove excess superglue because, it is super glued. Now my next question: Dboys M203 Grenade Launcher
  15. Being that most sights stay close to the face area, I assume most people aim below the chest area making it less likely to have your sight shot off. Im just worried about a freak accident in the field.
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