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  1. Sorry guys, things have been hectic. Between not having money, college coming up, being sick, etc... I'm doing my best to get this stuff out. I'm giving the two people I owe items extra stuff with their packages.. hopefully that helps make it right. I'm sorry for the delays, and from what you can see by my feedback this isn't how I normally am. Normally stuff like this is #1 on my priority list but things have been so FU BAR lately that I've had to put this on the back burner. Again, I wholly apologize and will do my best to make it right. Edit: I'm not ignoring anyone in particular, I just haven't been around at all. I haven't been on ASC chat / ASF chat in about a month, I haven't had a chance to log in here in a while, and I've been mobile most of the time I get emails and such.
  2. Hi caps. No upgrades. Internally stock, the way TM's should be. :)
  3. yay! Someone is actually using model specific suppressors, and not generic off-caliber ones!
  4. I'm not trying to troll you, but how did you get a 2gx in a 1g body? Is this just before they switched over to the new bodystyle? (so this would be the rare 2g then, I guess?)
  5. Condor Modvest + 11 m4 mag pouches and Admin pouch, two dump pouches. (not pictured) CB color. Great condition. $85 shipped. Add 6 mag m4 110 round mids for $27. Wood AK. TM Base. Stock TM gearbox. Element MBK, No name wood kit. Stock has a few tiny cracks in it, but it's perfectly usable and sturdy. You won't notice them. Comes with 5 metal hicaps. Also comes with Echo1 CPW top rail. Asking $280 + shipping OBO. Shoots wonderfully. Quiet as hell, too. LE Polymer stock. $13 + ship 25mm Scope, 4x by 32mm. Made by leapers. $25 + ship Dboys M203 3 in 1 with 3 POM shells. (1 working, 2 need bearings but otherwise ok) $76 + shipping Bigdad Eotech 551. Needs batteries but works great. Comes in original box. $42 shipped
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