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  1. wow been away for awhile... bump acog, peq lipo, magpus and m14 scout rail and heatshield sold
  2. No sorry. Bump blackhawk holster is sold as well as the nbb 1911. Make ofers guys!!
  3. Bump!! Need it all gone make offers on the guns
  4. Bump!! Make offers!! Sold list: 2 grenades Tornado holster Bad lever Mp9 low power bolt All magpuls
  5. not sure what is up with the pics... bump edit: both grenades, tornado holster, and bad lever sold!! Let's keep it moving
  6. I have not been very active on here at all lately and have not played airsoft in about 4 months and before that I did not play for almost a year. I am keeping some of my stuff but trying to sell the majority of my collection and get some cash. I work alot and am starting school again so I do not have much time to take to ship but I will do my best so please give me some time to get your stuff out to you but I will get you tracking info. RULES: -first to pay gets the item! -paypal or in person cash is the only form of payment I accept, to protect both of us -shipping is not included unless otherwise stated and I will ship the cheapest way unless the buyer wants otherwise and pays for it -OBO is in effect but prices are pretty firm, do not lowball -no shipping outside U.S. (too much of a hassle) -in the event of a trade you ship first, no exceptions and any trade will have cash added on your end as I need cash - no threadcrapping! -I love free bumps! -pm me for more pics and details of items -all sales final, everything is shipped AS-IS and is shipped as described by me! ask many questions about things before buying and I will do my best to answer them! -CASH IS KING! but trades may be accepted pm me with what you have first up is my ca ak-74 I have had this for a long time almost 2 years. I have only used it in about 6 games and treated it very well. I love this gun it has always been the most reliable of all of mine I have not done much to it internally. there is a madbull blue bucking in there and I have a madbull 6.01 inner barrel. this thing is crazy accurate and has a great rof. I have a viper battery with it and a cyma scope mount on it. it comes with 5 king arms plastic 110 round mags and 4 ca 120 round metal mags one of the front clips on the ca mags has broken off and is m.I.a. but maybe someone can fix it. there is also a sling clip on the stock the sling I had on it is gone but if I find it I will throw it in. please do not ask me to part out I would like to keep everything together. I will be asking $325 +shipping next is my galaxy mp5k. I got this in a trade and it works pretty well I never used it except to test in the backyard and it works pretty well. I do not have a battery for it but it is wired to the front with deans it also has a silencer and rail system on it with a folding stock and g&g foregrip I also have 4 standard mags with it that are plastic. the thing is pretty solid but the stock is a little wobbly but holds up great. $140 +shipping next is my kwa m93r I have only used this in one game and I got it in a trade. it works great but I only have 1 mag with it but it shoots full auto 3 round burst and semi auto. $100 +shipping next up I have some various items: accessories: 4x32 acog sight I forgot what brand it is I think g&p: $60 magpul B.A.D. lever: $10 magpul brand magpuls: $2 each or all 6 for $10 kac vertical grip: $10 4 tan g&p ladder rail covers: $20 g&p hop up: $15 barrel cover: $3 gear: tornado holster painted green (I did not paint it): $10 bungee sling clips: $4 each one has a broken tab but works fine replica blackhawk glock holster with molle attachment and I will include the belt and other attachments: $25 random stuff: 2 ca 120 round grenades: $20 kwa mp9 ns2 low power bolt brand spankin new (my mp9 is ns1): $35 g&p m14 scout rail and heat shield only works for tm and tm clones: $20 g&g metal m14 hop up and stock barrel: $25 hfc nbb 1911: $10 king arms 11.1 peq lipo: $15 random 8.4v large battery: $8 broken items: sight mark red dot sight with 3 different sight styles, it still works but the back part is broken off and gone. : $10 g&g motor with a broken tab was working, could be used for parts: $5 thanks for looking!! pm me with any questions or offers
  7. bump! I am interested but I do not have the t-1 anymore and I don't have much m4 stuff leftover since those projects are done
  8. Still getting pm's from this thread so ill revive it. Still have a few things. But since last update m203 and m14 barrel is sold!!
  9. Bump it up!! Accosting g offers and trades
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