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  1. I realize that there have been some other similar threads recently, but I wished to ask based on my circumstances. Here is my situation: -I have played field games exclusively for several years now with my G&G Plastica M4 (NiMH 9.6v, upgraded with metal body, tbb, hopup bucking/nub, holo sight, Magpul MOE, etc, shooting 320 FPS). -A new indoor location is opening in the next town. I will continue to play primarily field games, but wish to have a gun good for the CQB field. It will allow 350-400 FPS guns engaging at 20ft on semi-auto only. -I like the idea of a 340ish FPS gun, so it would be decent in the field and I could shoot full-auto indoors, but a 400 FPS gun is not a problem. I might get a gas pistol or something for closer engagements. -There is a small airsoft business in my town. There is a limited selection at the shop, but the owner can very easily special order a wide variety if I have something in mind. -I want to buy a new, full metal, high quality airsoft gun that performs significantly better that what I use now. I seriously considered the new Polarstar PR-15 guns. However, I plan to leave the state in two years for college, and my long-term airsoft prospects are murky. I want to limit the cost of the gun itself (not including accessories) to well below $500. -My play style is generally fast paced and mobile. I tend to shoot conservatively, in short bursts, at moderate range. I tend to prefer M4s over, say M14s for this reason. -I HATE WOBBLE. I want a gun that feels as solid as real steel. I am impressed by KM4-series KWA pieces in this regard. -Historically, I have enjoyed the overall feeling and dynamics of employing an AR-type rifle, real-steel or otherwise. However, it seems that everyone and their grandmother has an airsoft M4, and it just gets silly. I am leaning towards something...else. -I once played with a KWA KM4 RIS, and was very pleased. It was sturdy, accurate, felt amazing, and had great FPS. As far as performance, it does what I want my gun to do. However, I really don't imagine myself getting one, as they have become nearly ubiquitous on the field. -I don't want to spend much time playing with the internals. I used to enjoy it, but I am tired of that game. I want a gun that will pretty much do amazingly without much work. -I have a loadout that is Marine Force Recon (contemporary) inspired. I would like a gun that aesthetically works with it, but am totally okay with not being historically accurate. -I have a knock-off EO Tech that I enjoy using, and plan to put it on any new gun I get. -I live in Alaska, and am very rough on my guns. My current rifle has endured mud, dirt, ice, freezing conditions, and much more. Any gun I get will need to stand up to this. -I really like the real-steel FN SCAR L. It feels like a sort of improved M4. The folding stock is definitely a plus. I understand that it is not used by MARSOC, but am okay with that. -I am most interested in the new VFC SCAR with real FN trades: http://www.airsoftgi...roducts_id=9596 It seems to offer a high-quality replica of a gun I like with the actual trades. Also, after a few years, I imagine I could install a Polarstar Fusion engine (2nd edition perhaps?) since they both use a version 2 gearbox. -Should I consider the Scar H? I like the idea because the US military actually uses it, but I lean towards the SCAR L so I could use common M4 magazines and P-mags.
  2. I love your build. At the moment I am very seriously considering either getting a PR-15 and decking it out, or building around a fusion engine. May I have a parts list?
  3. What makes you think that (not challenging you, just questioning)? The main argument I always hear by AK enthusiasts is that the gearbox is less prone to cracking the way version 2s do... is there anything else that makes it generally superior?
  4. The topic mostly speaks for itself. Why is the KWA M226 PTP not listed on the KWA website? Has it been discontinued? It seems like they are widely available from retailers, such as Evike and AirsoftFix... It was even added to the ASGI catalog only 20 days ago.
  5. <AT>Buckeye: I'm sorry about I sort of highjacked your thread here... If you want, I can totally start a new one. As for the SERPA, I am leaning toward removing all right side pouches on my vest, and going with a paddle holster. How will this be in an active outdoor environment? Will it work well if I spend a lot of time sprinting, prone, crawling, and kneeling?
  6. Thanks! Did it look somewhat like this? http://img13.imageshack.us/I/img4400o.jpg/sr=1 -I play exclusively woodland games. Should I be concerned about dust/dirt getting into it? -Will it ever get in the way of an M4 stock? -How easy is it to draw at that angle?
  7. It looks awesome. I'm really tempted to get myself a new 1911 with a SERPA on a MOLLE base. I use a PANTAC RRV, and have nothing on my upper chest bib area (A 4x3 webbing space). Would I have space to comfortably use a SERPA on my chest? My other idea is to take off the utility pouch I have on my right side, put a SERPA there, and put some admin or utility pouch on my chest for speedloaders/etc. Which would you reccomend? I suppose if I get the SERPA with the MOLLE attachment I won't really have to decide though, but still good to hear opinions. Where did you get your SERPA, and how much did it cost?
  8. These were taken at a game today in Alaska. I'm not wearing my standard USMC-inspired kit, but instead a winter loadout of mixed stuff that worked. My club plays exclusively field games, at a several acre abandoned cold-war era NIKE missle site. I realize that the OP just wanted us to show one picture, so I'll specify that the first is what I consider to be the best, and the rest are just for fun. This is my favorite shot. I was defending a bunker from attacks down a gulley. The photographer was on a steep ridge above me. This shot shows one of the bunkers. Not me, but a nice pic of the mountains.
  9. Lizzard, your loadouts are some of the best I have ever seen. I am in awe. I too have pondered how to carry a sidearm without getting dirt in it. Have you ever tried putting a holster on your upper torso like this? I'm tempted to try it myself.
  10. I can tell you that I personally wear a set of ESS Striker Land Ops, and coat my glasses with Fogtech. It's done wonders for me.
  11. I'm trying to remove the front assembly of a CA M4 CQB (Delta ring), and am baffled. None of the online guides seem to demonstrate with the same design M4. My G&G uses a special wrench to unscrew a part in the delta ring, but this one doesn't seem to have any that. How do I do it?
  12. I own a G&G GR16 Plastica M4 carbine. A friend's Classic Army M4 CQB just bit the dust, and he says that I may scavenge some parts from it if I wish. Will a CA metal body work well with G&G internals/outer barrel? A few notes: -My gun is wired to the front, while his is wired to the rear. As long as I use the G&G front assembly, I am good to go? -Will changing the body have an effect on magazine compatibility? I plan on buying a box of MAG midcaps soon. -Will I have to adjust the height on the motor? -Can I use the G&G charging handle assembly? -Will my LE stock (No battery) fit where the crane stock used to go? Thanks, Egiam
  13. Check it out: http://www.airsoftgi.com/index.php?select=...p;filter_id=129
  14. I own a G&G Plastica M4 (The one with the LE stock that's wired to the front). Do you believe that a Magpul MOE PTS handguard will fit well on it without wobbling?
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