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  1. Exactly what the title says. I'm looking for something like a JPC, 6094a, Banshee, etc. Would prefer tan/Multicam/Ranger Green. Also, I'm trying to avoid Condor ones, but if the price is stupid low, I'll buy a Condor one. Please PM me!
  2. UPDATE:Only accepting TM GBBs now! Offer up! Prefer P226!
  3. Hello all, missing the gas guns so I'd like to have one. As title states I'm looking for a gas blowback. I have a few certain conditions. Gun must be 100% fully functioning. At least one non leaking magazine is required. No CO2. Must have trademarks. Metal body/slide is a plus! Not a requirement. Top priority is TM. Offer me anything TM that's not a Hi Capa. As for KWA, I'm only interested in the USP series as long as it has trademarks and the magazine release isn't worn down. And for WE/HK3P, I do NOT want any WE Hi Capas or 1911s. I will only accept Glock series, PX4, XDM, or M&P. Let me know what you guys have!
  4. TM P226 Everything works perfectly. Regular holster wear is present. All trademarks are intact. Great pistol, loved this thing. Gotta let it go since I'm out of airsoft. Shoots under 300 FPS (TM specs) and has a range of a good at least 120 feet with .25s. Guarder MBK (tweaked and fitted perfectly) Guarder 150% Spring Set Nine Ball Bucking 2 TM nonleaking mags BHI CQC Serpa $250 Shipped.
  5. Tokyo Marui 5.1 Hicapa (converted to a 4.3) Looks like a champ and performs like one too! The grips on this bad boy make it comfortable as hell Upgrades/mods: 4.3 Guarder Springfield "Operator" slide Guarder STEEL 4.3 outer barrel KJW loading nozzle (Rest of internals are stock TM) Tanio Koba 5.1 Hicapa grips Problems: Mag is very slightly leaky. Barely noticeable. Includes: Upgraded Pistol Magazine Original Box (near mint) Pics: http://imageshack.us/a/img12/3508/img3134m.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img836/9029/img3133fs.jpg Price: $140 SHIPPED (firm).
  6. Got an unlocked iPhone 4 16GB, externally and functionally, there's nothing wrong with it. In high temperatures or in extended use, there's a small slight yellow spot in the upper left corner of the screen. Other than that, everything works perfectly. PM me if interested. Looking for $260 Shipped.
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