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  1. Miss you buddy. Rest in peace.

  2. The RM4 only comes in this format. I hate the Magpul Handguard, but it is where the battery HAS to go. Has the recoil system in the buffer tube.. As for the M4 love. It is what I like. And I have so many accessories for them.. Viper is in the garage in pieces. Getting a complete rebuild. 275k BB's through it, it was time for an overhaul and upgrade. The URX rail is the only reason I purchased the Dytac. It is a beautiful gun, but performance out of the box sux really bad on this particular gun. It too will be rebuilding this gearbox. Thinking DMR..
  3. I originally started buying extra guns because I had been to too many games and my gun failed leaving me gun less.. Then I graduated to upgrading guns for specific roles. Then I started buying different models that I found interesting. This is something that happens in the real steel community as well. You want to experience them all if able, airsoft makes it more affordable to do so.
  4. I wish, when I purchased this clone, it wasn't until after I searched and searched online for a real deal in stock somewhere. Eventually I will get the real deal for it, cannot run clone stuff on a gun I spent over $600 on (Silly me right).
  5. Yup, 2 new projects RM4 DYTAC
  6. When I started making Youtube vids, I didn't put much thought in Trigger discipline on Airsoft guns. As I got more involved I realized how important keeping Safety as priority 1 was important to the community as a whole. I treat the Airsoft guns just like I treat the Real steel guns. I find that the nature of Airsoft is to not take safety as important as it should be. Too casual IMHO. I tried policing it hard at a local field but was impossible. The mindset is hard to impact, but we have to do it, we have to start somewhere. When you see it on a youtube video, leave a respectful comment about it, and keep it moving. Eventually they will take notice and start racticing trigger discipline as well as all around safety.. I hate being Muzzled..
  7. You guys do know, that the phone doesn't necessarily HAVE to e gun mounted. It could be on the wrist.. Totally up to you...
  8. Driving all those miles, and not meeting face to face was the biggest failure of them all. We are losers for that. I cannot deny anything Dougentioned here. I have witheld writing my own AAR because of a bias I have. I was MGPstaff for 2 years. I have been apart of the Op planning meetings, and the way this op unfolded does not mirror the behind the scenes effort MGP put in. I will say, I was embarrassed by the actions of players and Admins (admins I didnt know personally) n a few whom were new to MGP and maybe even airsoft. There was fun to be had. But you had to be willing to do your own thing and make the fun happen. Command staff was lacking (a lotcaused by comm failure), and little to no effort was put in to correct it. Those of us who identified and addressed the issues were treated as though we were making things up. As with all overnite events I attend. Night ops failed because player participation fell off by 90%. There are many reasons behind this, but this is one area I felt fell on the players 100%. Hopefully MGP learns from this and can rebound. I have written them with recommendations on what I felt went wrong and how to avoid it ever unfolding like that again. I hope players are willing to give them another shot. Sovereign Fury had so much potential. The AO exceeded expectations. But even with comped entry, I spent close to $1000 on this trip. You know how many bags of bb's that is? A lot..
  9. Hey guys and gals. Shwell here from Youtube (aka shwell11)... Yes, the Real Shwell!! I am looking to start running Games at Combat City USA in Orlando. My goal is to run a monthly series of 16+ (May change) games for MilSim players. I have never run games personally, but I have been Staff at some of the biggest games in Florida and a few in other States. I am trying to get as many serious players as possible. I am not talking huge amounts of gear. I am talking about folks who take the game seriously and do not have the inclination to cheat. "Operation Integrity" will be the title of the series. Combat City has an 80+ acre outdoor field that is the perfect place for some hardcore MilSim. And will some interest I may even be able to incorporate the "Tank Wars" plan the owner of CC has in place.. Located near the Airport, it is the perfect place to stage Epic games.
  10. If I had a pic of the GB and the Hop up, I could get an idea of what it is NOT. The Hop Up would help eliminate JG and Echo 1 as parts donators.
  11. Prices please. You have until the end of the day to comply
  12. Have you tried sites like ebairsoft.com or dealextreme.com? They offer free worldwide shipping and have ACM versions of a lot of the holsters you probably don't have access to. Good luck.. The Serpa Style Holsters work well and are easiest to find.
  13. You want funny. I like BFIMairsoft vids. Adam is a funny dude.
  14. I have no problem with the media putting their spin/Agenda first. It is what they do with EVERYTHING, this is nothing new for them. I put the blame COMPLETELY on this young man who I am sure knew it was illegal to have those item in NYC. Most Airsofters I know, know that NYC is a no go for Airsoft or any other Replica. This is not a nEw law, and it is not a game there. You have to go upstate or to Long Island to play in NY state. THEN, there is the violation of the University Rules, and ignorance is not an excuse. We are all responsible for knowing what our Local laws are (18 & up).. A Good sign would be the fact that he couldn't buy from a retailer and have it shipped directly to you. Stupid is, as stupid does. Hopefully his parents have money and he can rebound from this and continue his education. Stuff like this could haunt him for the rest of his life. Live and learn, but please try and be smart about what lessons you want to learn the hard way.
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